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10 Year-Old Boy Mutilated & Sacrificed in Witchcraft Ceremony

A 10-year-old boy was mutilated and sacrificed in a witchcraft ceremony, police have reportedly said.  An Indian worker is alleged to have told officers that he murder the boy, identified as Pranshu, a third year standard student, in a bid to help his wife become pregnant, the Times of India said.  The body of the child was found by his ...

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John Kerry and the Church of Satan: History of a Hoax

A carefully crafted hoax that make John Kerry look like a fish into water.

This picture that have gone viral on the internet on the eve of the  Bush/Kerry election is an obvious hoax, and we’re seeing more and more of this kind of disinformation as the world circles faster and faster down the drain. This type of falsification simply muddies the waters by distracting people from documented cases of real occultism among members ...

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Jean Chrétien, Astrology and Jojo Savard

Ever since she burst onto the late, late-night airwaves in May, 1994, a startling apparition in a flurry of blond ponytails and purple ruffles, the Quebec astrologer has become a celebrity of a distinctly 1990s variety. Her fame has sprung almost exclusively from her post-midnight televised pitches for a 1-900 network of telephonic fortune tellers called JoJo’s Psychic Alliance. More ...

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