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Anjem Choudary: Sharia is to Coming to Denmark

The news blog 10news.dk, in an article that was translated in english from the Danish news outlet Ekstra Bladet, have reported that “a controversial European Islamist is starting to organize in Denmark.” [1] [2]  The British Islamist Anjem Choudary visited Copenhagen this week to establish a Danish branch of his Islamist network.  According to terrorism researcher Magnus Ranstorp, there is reason ...

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The Most Popular Name For Boys In England Today: Muhammed

The name Muhammed is Britain’s most popular name for boys, beating Oliver as the most popular boys name in 2014. Via Breitbart: For years Muhammad has been racing up the chart of the country’s most popular baby names – and now he has been joined by his sisters Nur and Maryam. The two girls’ names have been among the most ...

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John Cleese Explains why Comedians don’t Joke About Muslims

John Cleese of Monty Python has admitted on Bill Maher’s show something which his fellow comedians generally won’t: that the reason they don’t make jokes about Islam is that they’re frightened of being killed. [1] Recently, British comedian and writer John Cleese discussed the irony of political correctness. Cleese argued that the concept was “condescending” based on the idea that ...

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Muslim Nurses Complain Washing Hands Before Medical Procedures Because it ‘Compromises Modesty’

M uslim nurses in the UK have finally been given what they’ve demanded—the right to not wash their hands before medical procedures. This ridiculous demand derived from Islamic Sharia Law compromises the health and safety of every patient in the respective hospitals.  But Muslims argue that washing their hands prior to performing medical procedures including procedures in the operating room, ...

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