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Ted Nugent on the “Sacro-Saint” Right to Self-Defense

Ted Nugent on the “Sacro-Saint” Right to Self-Defense ted nugent self defense 300x160

We all remember that episode, back in 2014, when Ted Nugent made liberals lose their minds by calling President Obama a “subhuman mongrel.” [3]  [4] Useful idiots everywhere were outraged and the commies from Media Matters even called for his arrest and conviction for “treason.”  [5]  Nugent now faces controversy again for taking the insult even further. The exact quote from 2014 was: ...

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Meet Germany’s Underground “Sharia Police”

Meet Germany’s Underground “Sharia Police” sharia police 300x160

One of the features of an Islamic society is that those in powerhas their own enforcement branch called the Islamic religious police (also mutaween) is the police force responsible for the enforcement of sharia in some Muslim-majority countries. The word mutaween (Arabic: المطوعين‎ muṭawwiʿīn) have variant English spellings: mutawwain, muttawa, mutawallees, mutawa’ah, mutawi’, mutawwa’) and literally means “volunteers” in the ...

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