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Polish Woman Plan to Have Sex with Over 100,000 Men

Another sad story showing how deep are the ravages of cultural marxism among the middle class people around the world.  A poor dumbed-down polish woman totally brainwashed by western-type ultra-liberal ideas is trying to turn her sex life into a full-time hobby… she want to have sexual intercourses with more than 100,000 men.  Ania Lisewska, a 21 years old graphic ...

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The Wall of Vaginas: More Garbage that Passes for Art!

 We all know that the female genitalia has served as artistic inspiration for a multitude of projects worldwide in the long history of art, usually to explosive and/or polarizing effects.  [16] Some people gets in trouble over this kind of endeavor.  We just have to remember japanese artist Rokudenashiko, whose vagina boat project got her arrested for obscenity. [19] In ...

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Slowly Making Pedophilia Acceptable. The March is ON !

Judge Garry Neilson’s Very Liberal Opinion on Rape and Pedophilia This a long time dream of pervert War Lords, Royalties and wealthy Elites.  Making pedophilia acceptable to ordinary people.  So they can pick up who thay want among the subclasses and use them as sex slave without too much of a popular uproar. A first step toward desensitization has been ...

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