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Germany: Traditional Sausages Banned in Public Canteens Out of Respect to Muslims

A regional branch of German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s CDU party is fighting to keep pork on the menu in public canteens, with many institutions allegedly removing the meat from menus out of concern that religious minorities could be offended.  The proposal will be presented by the CDU’s Schleswig-Holstein group in the state parliament’s session next week. The group’s parliamentary leader, ...

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Muslim Refugees Welcomed To Canada By Radical Imam Calling To “Destroy” The Enemies Of Islam

Muslim refugees arriving in Alberta, Canada were welcomed by a pro-ISIS hate preacher who called for the destruction of enemies of Islam and prayed for jihadists to “hit their targets”.  The speech took place during an event hosted by the Alberta Islamic Welfare Association to welcome Syrian refugees arriving in Canada.  The speaker, Shaban Sherif Mady, has previously advocated the ...

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