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The Bee Challenge: Stupidity Has No Boundaries!

Clueless Young Girls Dumbed-Down Beyond Recognition After the “Neknominations” and “Ice Bucket Challenge”, a new challenge just appeared on social networks: The Bee Challenge. The principle is quite simple: stupid retarded exhibitionist chicks remove their bras, put it on their eyes and show their bare chest to the camera. Prohibited on Facebook because of nudity, this game is all the ...

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Joe Biggs’ “ISIS Bucket” Obama Challenge

In a satirical video, reporter Joe Biggs from infowars.com calls out Obama for leaving the Southern Border wide open for ISIS, while pointing out the irony that the administration helped create ISIS, when they try to act as though they are actually fighting against the terrorist organization. Since you have made it so easy for the caliphate ISIS group to ...

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The Ice Bucket Challenge Lunacy: Just Another Fraud

Well, I cannot say that I’m surprised, but it seems that everybody has been duped.  The good news in all that story  is that the World  is still filled with generous, fun-loving and caring people. The viral ice bucket challenge has combined, attention seeking, sense of responsibility to our fellow human, coupled with idiocy and a little bit of exhibitionism.  ...

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Cypress Hill’s Modified Version of the Ice Bucket Challenge

Just at the moment when we thought that all the possible variations of the Ice Bucket Challenge had been exhausted, rapper B-Real from hip-hop group Cypress Hill shows up with the brilliant idea of a bucket full of marijuana. “I know we’re going through a drought with water and all that stuff, so we’re going to do it a little ...

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The Satanic Version of the Ice-Bucket Lunacy

A strange man going by the name of Larry Breaux from New Orleans, Louisiana, recently re-made the ice-bucket challenge idiocy into a full fledged satanic practice by replacing the content of the bucket by “the blood of his dead enemies.” He then call upon other fellow “Black Reverends” to take on the challenge and do the same!

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