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Completely Pointless: Feminist Lisa Frank Is Fighting The Patriarchy With Rainbow Kittens

The only thing more stupid and pointless than rainbow animals frolicking on pop art backgrounds? Pairing feminist quotes with those rainbow animals and pop art backgrounds.  Lisa Frank — the brand that adorned ‘90s kids’ dream school supplies — has gotten a feminist twist on Tumblr thanks to Feminist Lisa Frank. Behold the tagline “dismantling the patriarchy one rainbow kitten at ...

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Feminists Insert Warning Pamphlets inside Children’s Gifts

Hundreds of French boys and girls will find an unexpected pamphlet accompanying their Christmas presents thanks to a group of French feminists.  [1] [2] Slamming the prevalence on store shelves of pink-clad dolls for girls and swords for boys the protesters urged shoppers to opt for gender-neutral gifts. [5]  According to The Telegraph, French feminist group FièrEs have secretly inserted ...

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Nikki Minaj – Signing Boobs as “Women Empowerment”

Signing Boobs as Women Empowerment To add stupidity on top of idiocy, probably to ecourage young girls to rely on other qualities than just sex appeal, Minaj has made “signing boobs” part of her movement to “empower women.” [1]   Signing boob is a new trend that she started in which she’s signing her autograph on other people chest. o get a ...

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The Wall of Vaginas: More Garbage that Passes for Art!

 We all know that the female genitalia has served as artistic inspiration for a multitude of projects worldwide in the long history of art, usually to explosive and/or polarizing effects.  [16] Some people gets in trouble over this kind of endeavor.  We just have to remember japanese artist Rokudenashiko, whose vagina boat project got her arrested for obscenity. [19] In ...

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They are Here: The Political Correctness Zombies

The Techniques of the Leftists The techniques that the Left uses to push its agenda through are very succinct and simples.  They don’t want to argue with you. In fact most of the time they will avoid a political debate with you or any intellectually well organized person at all costs.  They are not interested in debating what’s right or ...

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Michelle Obama’s Idiotic Mission to Ban the Word “Bossy”

Believe it or not the most insidious feminist garbage is now crawling its way , Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg , Beyoncé, Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Garner,  Michelle Obama and Girl Scouts USA CEO Anna Maria Chávez are just some of the influential women who are calling for a ban on little girls being called “bossy.”  These women have all exhibited leadership skills like ...

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