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Your Kids don’t Belong to You… They Belong to the State!

The Collectivist Notion of Familly Pushed by MSNBC An MSNBC contributor revisits the statist notion that even if you’re the one who have birth to your children and feed and clothe them, they are only on loan to you by their true parent, which is of course a big benevolent and all-knowing government. Melissa Harris-Perry, an African-American professor at Tulane, ...

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Pelosi Invoke “God” to Justify Illegal Children in the US

Nancy Pelosi’s Well known Hypocrisy and Ruthlessness Nancy Pelosi is a very scary person.  There is most to her than meets the eye.  Many people view Nancy Pelosi as a granola-liberal San Francisco ideologue.  She is all that, of course, but she is much more.  She is reliably and consistently on the Left on every possible political issues: abortions, taxes, ...

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