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Brain-Dead Libtard Leonardo DiCaprio Attacks Republicans For Denying Global Warming

Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio took time during a recent movie promotion to lecture the world on why US Republican candidates should be dismissed wholesale.  Speaking at “The Revenant” premiere at Roppongi Hills in Tokyo yesterday, DiCaprio stated the US needed to “do its part” in fixing climate change, and that includes voting Democrat.  “We need somebody, certainly in the most ...

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Global Warming is Shrinking the Kids

The claims about the catastrophic effects of global warming are getting stupider and stupider as the paradigm is gradually crumbling.  The things they say now are so ridiculous that Daniels Greenfield from Front Page Mag begin his article on the subject by asking his readers: “Can we just declare Warmism a mental illness filled with paranoid ideation and get it ...

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