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They are Here: The Political Correctness Zombies

The Techniques of the Leftists

The techniques that the Left uses to push its agenda through are very succinct and simples.  They don’t want to argue with you. In fact most of the time they will avoid a political debate with you or any intellectually well organized person at all costs.  They are not interested in debating what’s right or wrong for the world or their country.  They are interested to debate YOU personally. They are interested in castagating you as a nasty human being because you happen to disagree with them.  This is what makes leftists what they are: an unearned sense of moral superiority over you.  And if they can instill that sense of moral superiority in others by making you the bad guy, you better believe that they will.  People on the left are taught from childhood that they are better than conservatives and that they know better than you what’s good for you and your family. They don’t have to earn anything nor to work hard to gain that moral highground.  They get it by hating conservatives, by imposing you their views and by telling you what to do.  That’s why it is so comfortable to be on the left: you get an instant sense of moral superiority.  Of course all of this is not earned because most of them have done nothing positive neither in school, work or in their community for decades.  College student’s sense of moral righteousness doesn’t come from achievement – it come from believing that YOU are a bad person. You are racist and sexist; they are not…they are open minded.  That makes them good, even if they neber gave a dime to charity, have never met a black person of their life and repeatedly stand for policies that impoverish minority communities and enable freedom haters around the world. Calling you a racist and a sexist, a bigot and a homophobe, gives them a sense of satisfaction with their status in the universe, even if they never help a single human being, This is the canonical bully tactic for physically weak people; if they cannot bully you physically they can at least be morally superior to you and try to intimidate you by proxy, using the system’s inforcement mechanisms to get you out of their way. Someone who calls you a racist, bigot, homophobe, antisemitic because you happen to disagree with them about tax-policy or same-sex marriage or abortion, that’s a weak person attempt to intimidate you. And since they are cowards and are too lazy to go in a fight with you in some sort of a fair game, they will use the tools of the government, police, presures goups and political organizations to bring you down, assasinate your character and destroy your career.

The Hysterical Anti-Abortion Feminist Troll: A Case Study

This misguided young women is a good example of the horrific consequences of the rainbow culture on our children. This what happens when you have been brainwashed into political correctness early on in life.  Just like this women, you become an emotional robots that goes “on” and “off” depending on the presence of certain “stimulus in the environment.”  A Pavlov dog that reacts to gender related issues.  Children are now being taught about “Women Rights” very early on and they are put in contact with the politically correct moral code as soon as they get to school.  They are being taught to think and classify everything in term of  sexual identity.  And they are loosing their sanity over those artificial issues.  If you don’t agree with the fat chick politically correct hysteria…. inevitably you are a homophobic scum…  According to her it is the duty of all man to fight franctically for the rights of women.  If you’re not doing shit for the rights of women… consequently you’re racist… you should be ashamed of not enrolling yourself in the feminist abortionist activist movement… you’re not part of the PROGRESS…   The funny thing is that if I call you homophobic first… then I can hit you in the face and kick you and it’s still Non-Violent… If you ask her, she would probably describe herself as a peaceful anti-abortion protester.  You’ll notice that she act tough but yet, she submits real to the state authority, too easily. ‘Here I am, I’m yours, take me away’.

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