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Narcissus’ Promised Land: The AutoBlow II

Obsessed with sex? You bought up into the fake politically correct porn culture that is currectly broadcasted everywhere in the media?  You think that sex is the number one value in the world?   And of course you NEVER can get enough of it… and chicks are asking you the high price in order to get it.  Well, you probably were waiting for this device since a very long time. Luckyly for you, now it is here. Tired of dealing with bossy chicks and psycho-feminists that want you to jump into hoops indefinitely in order to get what you really want?  Married?  Your wife doesn’t like have sex with you as much as she used to?  Tired of seing your sex life being taking hostage by  money hungry girlfirends that want to make you pay for all thos special attentions that you think you rightfully deserve?  The AutoBlow II is probably exactly what you needed all along.   The days of choking you chicken all alone in the dark are finally over.  Technology is now at the service of every narcissistic masturbators out there and sexual ecstasy has never been so cheap.  The downside of this product is that it may rob you of  the only physical exercice you have left in your life syle.  Yeah… that wrist movement.   It is now obsolete.  From now on you can get blown by a robot as many time as you want without even lifting the little finger.

About Leonita Trotsky

Leonita Trotsky is a welfare state whistle blower. Writer, researcher and graphic designer. She cannot unveil her true identity for the moment because she would probably loose her job if anybody learns that she is a conservative in her soul and that she mingles with politically incorrect right wingers like us. Like other anonymous member of our staff, she had to assume a transgender communist dictator avatar.

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