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Michelle Obama’s Idiotic Mission to Ban the Word “Bossy”

BanBossy-Button michelle obama's idiotic mission to ban the word Michelle Obama’s Idiotic Mission to Ban the Word “Bossy” BanBossy ButtonBelieve it or not the most insidious feminist garbage is now crawling its way , Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg , Beyoncé, Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Garner,  Michelle Obama and Girl Scouts USA CEO Anna Maria Chávez are just some of the influential women who are calling for a ban on little girls being called “bossy.”  These women have all exhibited leadership skills like assertiveness, which have helped them achieve the success they enjoy today. But when they were children, these same talents could have led to them being chastised for being ‘bossy’.  This why they have launched a full scale campaign to ban the word “bossy” from Americans’ vocabularies, saying the word stops girls from seeking leadership roles.   The group called its effort a “public service campaign to ensure that girls grow up with the confidence and support they need to become leaders.” The Ban Bossy campaign was founded by the Girl Scouts of the USA and LeanIn.org, the organisation founded by Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg, to empower women to achieve their ambitions.

Sheryl was a ‘bossy’ child who liked to organise everything from the toys in her room, to how her friends played, she explained in a Wall Street Journal article. She was a confident child, but to this day she remembers being stung by the words of a well-meaning teacher who warned her best friend away from her because she said: “Nobody likes a bossy girl. You should find a new friend who will be a better influence on you.”

The website also points out there is great disparity in the use of the word ‘bossy’ between the genders because, “when a little boy asserts himself, he’s called a “leader.” but when a little girl asserts themselves they are branded as “bossy”.

“I’m not bossy, I’m the Boss,” croons Knowles-Carter in one segment of the video

Apparently, Beyonce (as well as Sony Entertainment which also supports the campaign) isn’t too concerned about the fact that her husband – and the Obama’s close personal friend Jay-Z – routinely refers to women as “bitches” and all kinds of other vulgarities in his songs.

“Being labeled something matters,” says Jennifer Garner.

Sheryl wrote, “Call it the other B-word. Whether it is said directly or implied, girls get the message: Don’t be bossy. Don’t raise your hand too much. Keep your voice down. Don’t lead.”

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According to Ban Bossy campaigners, labelling ambitious girls ‘bossy’, has the effect of making them think of their leadership skills as negative qualities. Young women are often put off aspiring to become leaders for fear of being thought of as bossy. Successful women have had to fight against this negative view of strong women and alter the vocabulary of English language to accomodate their progressive views. The solution is to ban the word altogether by encouraging parents, employers and teachers to strip it from their vocabulary and re-educate any poor unsuspecting bigot who dares utter it in public.

Illustrative_Bossy michelle obama's idiotic mission to ban the word Michelle Obama’s Idiotic Mission to Ban the Word “Bossy” Illustrative BossyJennifer Merritt, Editor of BBC Capital, said: “It sounds empowering: Ban the term bossy to help push girls and young women into pursuing leadership roles,” wrote Merritt in her post Don’t Ban Bossy. “But I just can’t get behind the movement.” Why not support banning a term that discourages young women? “Bossy exists and it isn’t pretty and it should be called out and corrected. It should also, if possible, be harnessed and perhaps turned into the leadership traits COO of Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg… hopes girls will develop,” wrote Merritt.

When her four-year-old daughter asks “if the people who work for me ‘have to do what you tell them to do’,” Merritt wrote, “I am quick to make the distinction: I don’t boss people around, I include them and treat them nicely (the grown-up term would be ‘with respect’). I’m not stubborn when one of my ideas doesn’t pan out, and I seek their input.”

“I look at my daughter and see a little girl with an awful lot of potential. And I see an awful lot of bossy. I’m keen to foster the former and diminish the latter. But I can’t do that without the word bossy in my vocabulary,” wrote Merritt.  She would rather her daughter has a firm grasp of the difference between taking charge and being bossy “so that if another child calls her bossy one day, she can smile and just ignore the comment, knowing she’s got a good idea — and she’s going for it.”

Another reason not to ban bossy, wrote Merritt, is to teach children to let negative words and phrases ‘roll off’ you, wrote Merritt. “What about that old saying, ‘I’m rubber and you’re glue, whatever you say bounces off of me and sticks to you’?”  (see http://www.bbc.com/capital/story/20140320-ban-bossy-not-so-fast)

“While some critics have raised constitutional arguments against the campaign as it relates to the First Amendment, others believe the move is needed to promote gender equality.”

The ban bossy campaign also has its detractors who feel efforts in changing people’s attitudes about women and their leadership style should be focused elsewhere.

According to Katie Yoder, staff writer for the Media Research Center, in an interview on FOX411, the ban the bossy campaign, demonizes an ordinary word without really putting much thought behind it. Instead of banning, we should be promoting positives like leadership, ambition, faith and self-respect.”

Illustrating once more how feminism is a top-down tool of cultural marxism – where language and culture takes the blame for all oppression thereby absolving the state, which is the true source of oppression – the campaign is the work of LeanIn.org, which itself is supported by a plethora of big banks, transnational corporations and PR firms.

Second wave feminism does little or nothing to advance genuine women’s right concerns – such as the recent designation of female drivers as potential terrorists in Saudi Arabia – and everything to hide behind the veil of equality as a justification for trampling on everyone’s free speech rights.

Mainstream feminism’s disdain for free speech is setting the stage for Hillary Clinton’s tilt at the presidency in 2016, which is why top Democratic Party operates like Debbie Wasserman Schultz are also backing these kind of PR campaigns.

Just as critics of Obama were labeled racists for questioning his policies, Hillary’s detractors will be smeared with the “sexist” tag when they dare to speak out.

The ‘ban bossy’ campaign video, featured below, is fast being overtaken by negative comments as the whole farce is rightly condemned for what it is – an onerous attempt to set a dangerous precedent of banning words and restricting free speech in order to fix non-issues contrived by cultural marxists.

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