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Swedish Liberal Youth Party Wants to Legalize Necrophilia & Child Porn

lufYes, really.  If you thought you’d heard it all in terms of Sweden as the ‘progressive’ basketcase of Europe, then think again.  During a tweetstorm, the youth group made plain its desire to see Sweden adopt the Euro single currency and join NATO, but the organization’s social policies were the real eyebrow raisers.  “If you are against necrophilia, you are not liberal,” the group explained.  For those who don’t know, necrophilia is haxing sex with dead people. How progressive.  The LUF also wants open borders, “ruthless mass immigration,” and is calling for the legalization of “cartoon child pornography,” polygamy and incest. The group has also previously called for the legalization of sex with animals.  The LUF, whose logo includes the words “feminism” and “anti-racism,” is affiliated with the Liberal People’s Party, which formed part of Sweden’s coalition government from 2006 to 2014. Typically positioned as centrist, the Liberal People’s Party is now seen as more conservative.  Apparently, Sweden has moved so far left that “ruthless mass immigration,” as well as legalizing necrophilia and child pornography may now be considered conservative positions.  This begins to make sense when you consider the fact that some on the left in Sweden have advocated giving ISIS jihadists free housing, welfare and jobs upon their return from fighting alongside other terrorists in Syria and Iraq.

[1] Paul Joseph Watson, Swedish Liberal Youth Party Wants to Legalize Necrophilia & Child Porn, Infowars.com, July 17 2017


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