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Man on 5 ‘Generic’ Viagra pills Arrested for DUI Crash VIAGRA CAR CRASH 620x330

Man on 5 ‘Generic’ Viagra pills Arrested for DUI Crash

viagra-trademark  Man on 5 ‘Generic’ Viagra pills Arrested for DUI Crash Viagra trademarkA man who told police he took five times the recommended dosage of erectile dysfunction medication was arrested for DUI after investigators said he crashed into a Seattle parking garage.  Officers, who did not smell the odor of intoxicants from the man or his vehicle, arrested the Mercer Island man believing he was possibly under the influence of prescription drugs, according to an incident report.  At the hospital, the suspect “made statements to officers about taking a generic version of ‘Viagra,’” according to a police incident report. The 59-year-old Mercer Island man “told officers that he took five pills when the bottle said to only take one.”  Warnings for Viagra say blood pressure can drop to unsafe levels, and there can be rare side effects, including sudden vision loss – and an erection lasting more than four hours.  It’s not clear what the man meant when he said “generic” Viagra since there is no official generic of the erectile dysfunction drug. Imposter Viagra is advertised online, and the active ingredient in branded Viagra is also available in the drug Revatio, a hypertension medication that has a lower dose.  Police are waiting for blood test results to determine what was in the man’s system. The incident report does not indicate any other medications

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