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60% Of Millennials Willing To Give Just $10 Or Less To Fight Climate Change

A new Daily Wire/Whatsgoodly online survey asked 1,250 millennials from all over the country just how much money they’d be willing to personally give this year to fight what the Democratic Party and the left-leaning media consistently reminds us is the greatest threat facing mankind: climate change. The answer is not much, if any.  The survey asked millennials, “How much would you be willing to personally give to the government this year to fight climate change?” A total of 60% of the respondents — which included more liberals and centrists than conservatives — either offered no money at all or were only willing to hand over ten bucks.    A third (33%) said they’d give zero dollars; 27% said they would give only $10 a year; and 22% were willing to give $100. Altogether a total of 82% were unwilling to give more than $100 to combat “mankind’s greatest threat.”  Of the final 18%, a total of 9% were willing to give $250, 4% were willing to hand over $1,000 and 5% said they’d give more than a grand.


Unsurprisingly, “pro-Trump” millennials were less likely to give money to fight climate change than “pro-Clinton” respondents, though neither group was willing to part with much money overall.  Nearly two-thirds of Trump supporters (65%) offered absolutely nothing to fight global warming; 17% of Clinton supporters were likewise unwilling to personally give any cash to the effort. Full breakdown of the various political leanings of the respondents below:


The global warming generosity gap was about the same between those who identified as “conservative” vs. those who called themselves “liberal.” A majority (54%) of conservatives said they would give nothing, while 16% of liberals offered no money. About a third (32%) of centrists said they wouldn’t give anything either. About a quarter of each group offered just ten bucks:


The survey found that female millennials were a little more generous than males: 40% of the male respondents offered no money for Al Gore’s pet cause, 24% offered only $10, and 19% offered $100. For females, the percentages were 27, 28, and 24 respectively. Despite the greater generosity among the females, the total of those unwilling to give more than $100 was about the same: 83% for the males and 79% for the females.

See the full results of the survey here.



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