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Feminist Wackjobs are Sending Used Tampons To Governor Of Texas

Feminists have decided to start sending used bloody tampons to Texan Governor Greg Abbott in response to recent legislation that mandates that aborted babies be disposed of humanely.

As reported last month by The Daily Wire,

Abortion clinics and hospitals in the state will be required to either cremate or bury the unborn babies they kill, not contingent on the period of gestation—as opposed to sending the baby’s remains to be incinerated or dumped into a landfill, as most facilities currently do.

The rules were finalized to ensure that birth and death certificates of aborted babies were not required, as a way to appease confidentiality concerns. Also, it was clarified that new regulations do not apply to miscarriages or abortions done at home. Further, hospitals and abortion clinics will solely be responsible for the burial or cremation, cost and all, not the patient.

The legislation will be in effect as of December 19.

Obviously the feminists REALLY want to throw the babies they kill in the garbage, so they’ve come up with this clever and tooootally not boderline-psychopathic little plan!

It’s worth noting that in the full post, (feel free to read it for yourself, it’s mostly gibberish) this CHARMING individual attempts to earn her (his? its? xir’s? woof’s?) sympathy points by turning to miscarriage. As mentioned, miscarriages are EXEMPT from this legislation. It’s also rich that someone who is so pro-abortion capitalize on the “trauma” of miscarriage. I personally believe miscarriages to be incredibly sad, but why would they be to her, if after all a miscarriage is just passing a “clump of cells,” right?

She also goes on and on about how killing babies is ALREADY TOO DARNED EXPENSIVE! This will make it even more expensive to kill your baby! The injustice! However, the legislation specifies that the abortion clinic will solely be responsible for cost of cremation or burial.  So relax, feminists! Your baby killing will still be affordable!

Surely this is illegal, right? Used tampons are bio-hazards. Isn’t sending bio-hazards through the mail to people with political opinions that are different than your own basically an act of domestic bio-terrorism? Yes. Yes it is.

Got to hand it to the feminists on this one. They are REALLY good at making a point. Not the point that they want to make, of course. They’re really good at making the point that they are absolute nutcases.

I wonder how many people they’ll sway to their pro-abortion side by sending bloody tampons in the mail? Strong argument you’ve got there, ladies!

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