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David Horowitz Calls on Donald Trump to Have George Soros Arrested If He Becomes POTUS


David Horowitz

George Soros is one evil dude and he’s elbow deep in American politics, rooting for a One World Government. His Open Society Foundations work with immigration matters, attempting to normalize mass immigration like we’ve seen coming from Syria. It is for this reason that the right wants him arrested, but would a President Donald Trump actually do it?

From Conservative Read:

“The Achilles heel of western civilization is its tolerance for people that hate it.”

Newsmax TV host and former GOP congressman J.D. Hayworth invited David Horowitz onto his show Thursday to discuss a Daily Caller report that leftist financier George Soros’ Open Society Foundation sought to influence the Supreme Court’s recent immigration decision through “a sophisticated amicus brief and media strategy.”

GEORGE-SOROS-BLACK-LIVES-MATTERRight Wing Watch (a watchdog of the right run by Norman Lear’s People for the American Way), which describes Soros innocuously as “liberal philanthropist,” supplied the video above, in which Horowitz describes Soros rather less charitably as Hillary Clinton’s “puppet master.” He went on to say that while Soros’ influence on the Supreme Court was “horrible enough,” the big picture is that the multi-billionaire is “a Jew-hater, an Israel-hater and an America-hater” who ought to be in jail, something for which the only hope is a Donald Trump administration.

“Soros should be in jail,” he declared,

“Somebody’s got to be suing him—you know, of course you can’t put him in jail—he should be in jail for fomenting civil unrest, getting those policemen killed, tearing up cities. Surely there can be a civil suit. You can’t expect a Justice Department that’s headed by a criminal or an FBI that’s in bed with them to do something about this. But hopefully Trump will win the election and when the Republicans come in, I hope they go after Soros and shut him down.”

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