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Inside Britain’s Biggest Secret Sex Party Club

The-Forbidden-Room-in-ManchesterThe sex parties are held in a historic cotton mill and guests are hand picked based on how attractive they are Britain’s biggest secret sex party club has branched out to the north of England.  Exclusively for attractive people, Killing Kittens has made the move to Manchester after huge success with events in London.  It has around 45,000 members worldwide, with 10,000 of those based in the north of England.  The new members-only club is hosted in a historic cotton mill and has a series of rooms for guests to enjoy.  The club has previously only run pop-up events in luxury penthouses and private houses, but sees the launch of their first permanent sex party pad based in a secret location called the Forbidden Room, as reported by the Manchester Evening News . [2]

 The-Forbidden-Room-in-Manchester (2)Set in an old cotton mill, the saucy hideout will be the first of its kind in the city, and will host private events for Killing Kittens members.  Guests must first find the building, which is tucked away in the back streets somewhere north of the city centre.  The location of the club is kept a secret, and attendees will be informed of the address prior to their visit. Then, they must scale the stone steps, which are dimly lit by bare lightbulbs.  The Forbidden Room itself is split into different sections, which guests move through as the night progresses.  On entry, guests will be greeted by a Killing Kittens host in the bar area, which features erotic artwork on the walls, bare brick walls and a mirrored bar.  The bar area also hosts entertainment. The launch night this Saturday will see local DJ Sarah Giggle, and burlesque performer Constance Peach get the party-goers in the mood.  At this point, it feels very much like any other bar, explains UK North Killing Kittens manager Louise Blakeley Taylor, who says that her role is to introduce people and make new visitors feel at ease.  ‘It normally changes at around 11 o’clock,’ she says, then something in people just clicks.’  Later in the night, as the mood takes them, curious kittens can progress into the play rooms, which are separated from the main area by curtains. These sections contain huge beds, which can be moved to suit the event, and soft padded walls.  The focal piece of the play rooms is the Forbidden Furniture – bespoke, handmade items which are specially designed for cheeky antics.  Pride of place is the cage, which is custom made for the event to fit in 2-4 people and kitted out with indulgent padded leather cushions and tactile throws.  The Forbidden Room will host a variety of themed nights, such as Curious Kittens – a night which features more cabaret and performance, workshops such as massage for couples and mindful masturbation, through to champagne and oyster evenings.  Members of Killing Kittens are vetted, explains Louise.  ‘It’s members only, so you can’t just turn up to a party, and members are vetted according to how attractive they are.’  Because of this, she continues, it’s often an attractive crowd at the Killing Kittens events.  The age range for the regular Killing Kittens parties is 18-45, however the company also runs a ‘silvers’ club, for people aged 45 and over.

The-Forbidden-Room-in-Manchester (1)

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