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Some Liberal Nutjob in Montreal Is Putting “Pussy Posters” All Over The City

Montreal street art is world famous for it’s lack of taste, it’s leftist overtones and it’s ugliness.  Usually the giant murals get all the attention with some ultra-liberal social justice warrior-like statement, anti-bullying propaganda and all kind of liberal crap.  Recently we witnessed the emergence of a slightly different kind of street art and it has captured the attention of the internet and was the object of an article in the ultra-liberal MTL Blog.  [1] A funny thing is that most of those Cartoon vaginas are displayed in such a manner that they look like some communist-like revolutionary symbols.  Yup, you read that right. Communist hand drawn vagina stickers have slowly been invading the borough of Montreal especially in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve.  “Each one is uniquely idiotic and decorated in different way so it look either hippy, communist or in sync with some other radical feminist lunacy. MTL Blog reported that “some look like badges, some have slogans like “Go les vadg!”, one is wearing a crown for some reason, and one of them can only be described as a “vagina poutine”.” [1]

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