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London Gets its First Ever Naked Sun Terrace

There appears to be a nudist craze sweeping the capital – first we had the spectacularly popular nude restaurant Bunyadi, and now there is a naked sun terrace in the middle of London.  The venue opened on Tuesday and offers ‘spectacular views’ of the capital, looking over Westminster Abbey, the Houses of Parliament and the London Eye.  Now TV’s pop-up terrace is set to coincide with the August heatwave.  Gidon Katz, managing director of NOW TV, said: “As a nation, it seems we’re increasingly avoiding being ‘tied down’ in life.

“We’re going to keep breaking away from traditional conventions. Firstly contracts, and now clothes, with the NOW TV nudist terrace.”  Visitors will be able to sunbathe in the open air and even have a nude work-out on a provided trampoline.  The naked terrace was opened because a survey found young people today are the “No Strings” generation, not wanting to be tied down like their parents.

naked-terrace  London Gets its First Ever Naked Sun Terrace naked terraceAccording to the survey, today’s under 30s are revealed to have had 38% less serious relationships, lived in 28% more countries and worked for 15% more organisations than those 30 years ago.   Now TV has said their new sun terrace is the perfect place to be “free from annoying clothes”.  It’s over-18s only – but if people want to bare all they can apply for a spot by emailing their name, age and email address to comboterrace@taylorherring.com .

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