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Chi Phi Fraternity Votes to Allow Transgender Members

One of the nation’s oldest fraternities has voted on a new membership policy to allow some transgender male students to pledge.  The student-driven change is effective immediately and a member’s eligibility is based on the presentation of legal documentation defining the pledge as a male.  Founded at Princeton University in 1824, Chi Phi voted to make the change “in an effort to be more inclusive of transgender students,” a release issued by the fraternity reads.

chi-phi-tranny  Chi Phi Fraternity Votes to Allow Transgender Members chi phi tranny“We felt this amendment to Chi Phi’s Constitution would change the conversation surrounding transgender men and their ability to join the Fraternity,” said Sam Borchart, the undergraduate chairman of the Committee of Membership, in the release. ”One change is never a stopping point, and we hope this opens the door to further discussion about inclusivity, particularly for transgender men who want to join us in this fraternity.”  A petition had earlier gone up on change.org about the new rule. It read in part: “The current constitution of Chi Phi limits the eligibility for membership to ‘males of the age sixteen years and upwards.’ The constitution does not reference gender or define ‘male’. We are trying to change that: we want Chi Phi to define “male” as an inclusive concept based on self-identification regardless of the sex they were assigned at birth, rather than having specific genitals as a prerequisite to be considered a man.”

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