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Milo Yiannopoulos To Lead Gay Pride March Through Swedish Muslim Ghetto

Gay conservative journalist Milo Yiannopoulos is preparing to lead a gay pride march “through one of Sweden’s Muslim ghettos” next month. The Breitbart editor and self-described “fabulous supervillain” announced his intentions during a recent interview on “The Rubin Report.” “I’m gonna go to Sweden in a couple of weeks and lead the parade in Sweden through the Muslim ghetto,” Yiannopoulos said. “Because last year, you’ll remember that the Swedish authorities, the Swedish government, you know these far-left social justice lunatics who are trying to create a progressive paradise in Sweden, well I’ll tell you what a progressive paradise is like: A broke country where all the women get raped.” Yiannopoulos notes that a gay event was canceled by Swedish authorities last year over it allegedly being “unnecessarily provocative for marching through a Muslim area.” “So I’m gonna go and I’m gonna be there in Sweden in a couple of weeks and march through this heavily Muslim area to remind people, and I hope it will remind people in Europe at least, what the problem is today,” he said. “It’s not Buddhists, or Christians, or Zoroastrians, or Confucians, or even much blind Atheists. None of these people are taking to the streets with assault rifles to kill gays.” Although the exact location has yet to be announced, the march will be held somewhere within Stockholm during gay pride week. The journalist made a similarly provocative move following the Orlando shooting by traveling to the Pulse nightclub to condemn radical Islamic doctrine.



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