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Native Americans Call “Bullshit” on Elizabeth Warren’s Cherokee ‘Heritage’ pocahontas bullshit called  620x330

Native Americans Call “Bullshit” on Elizabeth Warren’s Cherokee ‘Heritage’

We all know that leftists like to pretend that they are member of an oppressed minority group whenever they can… They think that it gives them more credibility when they spew their leftist “blame america first” progressive crap. But Elizabeth Warren didn’t knew what she was bargaining for when she decided to lie about her origins in order to look more like a victim…  We all know that she told the american people that she had an aborigibal ancestry. First Donald Trump called her on it and now it’s getting worse. When you have real Cherokee tribe members calling out your BS… you know you’re in trouble. These people aren’t taking too kindly to Elizabeth’s claims of heritage. Good luck if Hillary picks you for VP, lady.

More on her bullshit “Cherokee ancestry”…



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