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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Orlando Massacre: “Love Always Conquers Hate”

Prime Minster Justin Trudeau and his wife Sophie visited on Tuesday, June 15, 2016 the US Embassy in Ottawa to offer condolences for the “tragedy” in Orlando.  49 people were murdered and 53 injured in Orlando “tragedy” after Omar Saddiqui Mateen, an American Muslim of Afghan descent, opened indiscriminate fire in a gay nightclub.  Trudeau also shared a Liberal Party’s poster of himself accompanied with a quote of a statement he issued on June 12, 2016 condemning the attack: “We stand in solidarity with Orlando and the LGBTQ2 community.” He added the following message to the post: “Love always conquers hate.”

trudeau-tweet-idiotIn December 2015, Trudeau clarified that Canada’s strategy towards ISIS won’t change even if Paris-style terror attack happens in Canada.  When asked by Global National anchor Dawna Friesen “If God forbid there was an attack on Canada like the one in Paris would that change the equation for you?”, Trudeau answered as follows:

Obviously, we are working very hard to both insure that Canadian safety, but also not to give in to the narrative that ISIS wants.

I mean, if they are posting beheadings on the internet and using advanced videos as recruiting tools, one of things that they need, they need people to be terrorized by terror, they need people to be afraid, people need to be polarized, and that what they are trying to do.

They would love for us to suddenly be afraid, be more afraid and close in and create walls because that makes it easier for them to achieve their goals. We have to be courageous and confident while we protect Canadians.”

Liberal Don Valley West MP Rob Oliphant also believes that a message of love has to be conveyed following the Orlando massacre.

Speaking at a vigil in Toronto on June 12, 2016 in commemoration of the victims, Oliphant suggested that the murderer acted alone and did not represented in his actions Islam and the Muslim community. He further argued that his message to the his “Muslim brothers and sisters” is that love is the best response to hate:

But my second response was to reach out to my Muslim brothers and sisters to say hate can never be met with hate; hate has to be met with love… We know better than anyone else that it is by love that we are saved.”

In an article on the Ottawa Citizen (Kune 14, 2016) entitled “No, Muslims aren’t to blame for Orlando tragedy”, Oliphant wrote the following:

The government of Canada is committed to combatting terrorism and keeping Canadians safe. It is equally committed to ensuring that communities are brought together, rather than being split apart.

The only way to defeat hate is with love. We have to continue to trust each other, and to see the world through each other’s eyes as we build a more peaceful, more just society. Then we will all be safe.”



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