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Libertarian Nominee Gary Johnson Has an Ingenious Plan to Beat Donald Trump: ‘Call Him Racist’

cuckman  Libertarian Nominee Gary Johnson Has an Ingenious Plan to Beat Donald Trump: ‘Call Him Racist’ cuckmanAsked Sunday about his plan to beat Trump, Libertarian party nominee Gary Johnson said he’s going to “call him out” as “racist.”  Surely, no one has thought of this before.[2]  Everybody is doing just that for the six last months.  But interestingly enough, Johnson just became the first presidential candidate to say that he believes Donald Trump is a racist. [3] Not that he said something racist, not that his campaign is fomenting racism, but that the man himself is a racist.  In an interview with The Hill on Monday, Johnson talked about Trump’s attacks on the Indiana-born judge overseeing the Trump University fraud case. “The latest comments on the Hispanic judge—nothing short of racist,” Johnson said.  He then went a step further. When the interviewer asked Johnson whether he believed that Trump was himself a racist, Johnson replied, “Clearly.”[8]

garyjohnson  Libertarian Nominee Gary Johnson Has an Ingenious Plan to Beat Donald Trump: ‘Call Him Racist’ garyjohnsonGary Johnson who was governor of New Mexico from 1995 to 2003 as a member of the Republican Party.  He supports globalism, free trade, weed, open borders and ofcourse Israel. In fact, he’s said that he “supports the right of Israel to exist as a sovereign country and believes that the United States should protect that right militarily if needed.” So while he harps on government spending and waste, he says nothing of the billions going to Israel. [1]  He also says he agrees with 73% of what Bolshevik Bernie says. Afterall, Bernie is Jewish just like the mother of libertarianism, Ayn ((Rosenbaum)) Rand and they do have some things in common. Bernie supports an ethno state for Jews in Israel but screams racism at White people. Ayn preached individualism to the goyim and condemned “racist fascists” but supported an ethno state for Jews. Bernie supports the state of Israel but open borders for White America. [1] Though the VP for libertarians is chosen by party delegates during their convention, Johnson has been pushing for cuckservative former Massachusetts Gov. William Weld – who is known for endorsing Kasich in the general this year and Obama in 2008.   During the libertarian debate last Thursday, Johnson said he thinks of Weld as “the original libertarian” and got loudly booed. [2] The truth is that neither Johnson nor Weld are traditional libertarians but rather establishment Republican opportunists who are looking to cash in off the anti-Trump mania and if they get their way, put Hillary Clinton into the White House. [11] There was a report two weeks ago the Koch brothers are pledging $10 million to Johnson to run as a spoiler against Trump.  [A Koch] spokesman told TheDC: “Reports that David Koch has pledged his support to Gary Johnson – or any candidate running for president for that matter – are untrue.” Despite that denial, a source with a leadership position in the Libertarian Party told The Daily Caller Thursday afternoon that Johnson’s on track to receive the billionaire’s support. [2]

Like a good cuck, here’s what Gary Johnson has to say about Trump.

Johnson directly called Trump racist, and it’s not the only time Johnson has come out swinging.  “Look, I think Donald Trump’s statements on immigration are just really racist,” Johnson said on Fox News.  He’s certainly not the first person to blatantly call Trump racist.  New York City’s mayor posted on Twitter: “I didn’t realize this was in question. Behaves like a racist, speaks like a racist…of course @RealDonaldTrump is a racist.”[4] This cuck actually thinks that the invading peasants from Mexico aren’t raping any women (or few if any), aren’t engaging in massive amounts of crime upon arriving in the U.S., and aren’t committing large numbers of murders. [9] Gary doesn’t ‘get it’ because he hasn’t had to live among the third-worlders. No, he lives in his nice clean, White neighborhood among people who are very much like him. ‘Diversity’ is something he celebrates from afar. [9] This ass-wipe actually imagines that immigrants from Mexico, the African continent, and the middle east will have a genuine interest in Libertarian politics, the founding principles of this nation, and the merits of a Constitutionally-run government. [9] Gary doesn’t realize that this election isn’t really about Constitutionalism, propositional nation concepts, or even about the economy. It’s about race and culture. This election will decide whether the U.S. will remain a first-world nation, or slowly descend into a third-world one. It will decide whether Whites will accept or oppose their dispossession at the hands of radical Leftist elites who have manipulated millions of swarthy low-IQ immigrants to be their useful idiots.  [9] Gary misses it because he can’t discern the sign of the times. He doesn’t realize what’s at stake, namely his own racial and cultural survival.  [9]

Of course it’s not like this guy has any chance to win. He only serves as a protest vote for other cucks who’d rather let Hillary win than Trump just so they can prove how not racist they are. [1] The good news is that Johnson will steal more vote from Hillary that from Trump. Johnson is only getting 6 percent of Republicans in the poll, compared to 7 percent of Democrats, meaning that Bernie Sanders supporters might cancel out the #NeverTrump Republicans going to Johnson.  Johnson gets 18 percent of independents in that poll, but Trump still leads Clinton among independents 37 to 19, with 26 percent undecided. [3]

Gary’s slogan “Be Libertarian With Me” really translates to “Be Cucked With Me.” [1]

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