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New Age Guru Deepak Chopra : I Think Trump is ‘Emotionally Retarded’, ‘Bigoted’ and “Racist”


New Age guru Dr. Deepak Chopra

Libtard New Age guru Dr. Deepak Chopra believes presidential candidate Donald Trump to be “mentally retarded.”  In an interview on The Alan Colmes ShowChopra, 68, referred to the real-estate mogul as the epitome of the “darkest demons” in America’s “collective psyche.” He also believed his ridiculous new age assertions were “100% true,” which should debunk whatever credibility he allegedly had in assessing Trump’s mental state.   “I would never say this unless I believed it was 100% true, but he represents the racist, the bigot, the one who’s prejudiced, the one who is full of fear and hatred, the one who represents emotional retardation of a three-year old,” Chopra said. “And yet he’s so popular because he’s given permission to our collective psyche to express their darkest demons.”  When Colmes asked Chopra if Trump was an actual racist or just posing as one to appeal to his supporters, Chopra responded in the affirmative.  “I think he’s racist, he’s bigoted, he’s prejudiced,” said Chopra. “He’s full of fear. He is angry. He has a lot of hatred. He pouts, he’s belligerent, he’s emotionally retarded.”  Chopra then expanded on Trump’s retardation, shifting from just emotional into the mental.   “Maybe I was too kind when I said he was emotionally retarded, maybe he’s mentally retarded too,” he said.  The new age guru has been a strong critic of the GOP nominee since last March, when he spewed a load of childishly new age stupidity on Fox Business by saying Trump “represents a state of collective consciousness of fear that has dormant prejudice and hatred.”

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