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Aids Skrillex: Portrait of a Useful Idiot

4bd (1)  Aids Skrillex: Portrait of a Useful Idiot 4bd 1AIDS Skrillex is the nickname given to an unidentified young man featured in a viral video depicting a clash between supporters of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and anti-Trump demonstrators.  He was first spotted with some fellow justice warriors who (just like him) were immortalized and went down in the history of political correctness as Internet memes. They were “baptized” by Redditers, Twitter users and Internet trolls and are now going by the names of ‘Carl the Cuck,’ ‘Banshee’ and ‘Tyreese the Urban Zulu.’  Everything started for him on March 11th, 2016 when The Alex Jones YouTube channel posted a video titled “Anti-Trump Protesters Go Berserk!”, featuring a heated argument between Trump supporters and anti-Trump activists taking place outside of a Trump rally in St. Louis, Missouri (shown below). [1] After clips of the two protesters began circulating on 4chan’s /pol/ (politics) board and Reddit in mid-March 2016, the two were mocked by many for their argument tactics, including the invocation of Godwin’s Law and discounting a Trump supporter’s arguments for being a “White male.” [1]

In real life, according to Encyclopedia Dramatica, the internet meme known as “AIDS Skrillex” is in fact a dude named Benjamin Teter who allegedly grew up without a father. His mother yelled at him constantly. He was raised in St-Louis Missouri. He describes himself on his MySpace account as a “vegan” and a “straight edge.”  According to the profile picture we can find there, it would seems that Ben Teter screams for a shit emo garage band in his spare time. The man has the musical taste of the usual liberal “trendy” listing Beyonce, Rhianna, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift and Gwen Stefani as his favorite artists. Given his “revenge of the nerds” kind of look, it’s no surprise that he turned out to be a self hating brony once he got to college. Nor is it a surprise that he’s an avid Bernie Sanders supporter. What is surprising however is that he has a girlfriend. [6] The authors of his description on Encyclopedia Dramatica added:

However, that surprise is quickly sedated by the realization that his sex life consists of sitting in the other room posting on Tumblr while Tyrese the Urban Zulu fucks his girl so thoroughly that her howls can be heard from across the dorm and she forgets that she’s white.[6]

Believe it or not, all this information is verifiable.  AIDS Skrillex is now known around the globe for coining the meme “YOU’RE A FUCKING WHITE MALE” shortly before going viral and making a mad dash to erase his Internet footprint. Unfortunately for him, his entire life was mirrored by thankless chantards within a split second of becoming a meme. All is not lost however as he can use this experience to write a thesis for his gender studies degree, and possibly get invited to the UN to speak on cyber bullying. [6]

Here are his personal infos:

On March 12th, YouTuber chickenfingers991 posted an edited version of the video, focusing on clips of the two men interacting with the Trump supporter (shown below). [1]
On March 16th, an anonymous 4chan user submitted a thread to /pol/, [8] identifying the Trump supporter in the video as YouTuber Owen Shroyer. [7] The same day, Redditor SherlockDoto submitted a video of one of the men proclaiming “You fucking white male” to the Trump supporter to /r/videos [9] (shown below, left). Over the next day, the video received upwards of 11,900 votes (67% upvoted) and 6,900 comments. Meanwhile, a clip of the other demonstrator saying “are you kidding me?” (a man later baptized “carl the cuck’ by the Internet mob) when asked to explain why Trump is similar to Adolf Hitler was upvoted to the top comment in the post (shown below, right). [1]


Also on March 17th, a post asking about the meme was submitted to /r/OutOfTheLoop. [12] In the coming days, several 4chan [11] threads were created featuring images mocking the two anti-Trump demonstrators nicknamed “Carl the Cuck” and “AIDS Skrillex”.

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Bill Wallace is a self-fashioned writter, a computer programmer and cybermarketer from Quebec City, Canada who decided to enter the political arena after his disillusionment with the socialist system under which he was living in the French Canadian province of Quebec.

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