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Ted Nugent: If You Hate Me, You Hate America

In a recent interview with conservative radio host Joe Pags, Ted Nugent claimed that if you hate him, then you hate America.


“Bottom line. The reason I don’t care what the other side says, and we need to identify unambiguously what the other side is.”

“Those who hate me — the Hillary Clintons, the liars, the felons, the scam artists, the power abusers, the criminals in our government, Bernie ‘Mao Zedong’ Sanders,” the rock legend explained. “There is nothing more anti-American than the freaks that hate me.”

“When MoveOn.org, Media Matters, Southern Poverty Law Center, Rachel Maddow and MSNBC lie and spew their hate towards me, it’s because I stand with the best families in America.”

“When they hate me, I become more dangerous,” Nugent added. “Because the only thing more dangerous than a sow grizzly bear with cubs is Ted Nugent with more confidence.”

[1] Christian Datoc, The Nuge: If You Hate Me, You Hate America [AUDIO], Daily Caller, 3:41 PM 05/26/2016


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