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Honest Socialism: Bernie’s Freebies Comes with ‘Huge’ Tax Bill

bernie-bullshitBernie Sanders’s everything-for-all campaign promises have brought him millions of supporters from the millennial “gimme” crowd that worships at his altar and have proven that a long-shot candidate like the Vermont senator could actually have a chance against the establishment power of the Democratic elite’s favorite, Hillary Clinton.  Yet, it appears as though Sanders will lose the nomination to Clinton, because apparently, Democrats don’t have a problem with dishonesty. And that’s one thing, at least, the Sanders camp can boast about is his honest socialism. He’s never shied away from explaining how he planned on paying for all of this free swag: “yuge” tax increases. (See, he does have something in common with Donald Trump.)  A new supercut video by Heat Street proves, in a hilarious way, that Sanders has never misled people about his utopian plans to fulfill their every dream while punishing greedy capitalists. Since the beginning, we have been able to read his lips that there would indeed be plenty of new taxes to go around. But it’s only funny when it’s in this video, not in the White House:



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