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Kinder Chocolate Replaces White Kid on Packaging with Immigrant Kids



Ferrero chocolate replaced their usual cute blonde, blue eyed White kid on the wrapper with nonWhite kids. The kids featured are members of the German national football team when they were children, including Jerome Boateng (father is from Ghana) and Ilkay Gundogan (Turkish).  PEGIDA objected to the packaging, understandably. [1]  The far-right group wrote on Facebook: “They’ll stop at nothing” and posted a picture of the new wrappers. [3] Can you really buy them like this?”  The comment appeared next to a photo of two packages of Kinder chocolate bars featuring a black child and a child of Middle Eastern appearance.  “They’re trying to pass this shit off as normal, poor Germany,” one commenter responded with a crying-face emoji.  “This must be a fake, no?!?!?” another person wrote.  [10] Others called for a boycott of the chocolate bars, which are produced by the Italian manufacturer Ferrero. One wrote: “If that’s the case, I won’t be buying it any more.” [6] But what the commenters didn’t realize was that the world-famous chocolate company had chosen to put childhood photos of the national football team on their packages to celebrate the upcoming Euro 2016 tournament in France. The two they objected to were photos of Ilkay Gündogan and Jerome Boateng – both German nationals who play for Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich respectively, as well as Die Mannschaft.  Gündogan and Boateng are also two of the star talents of German football. [10] Reinhard Grindel, head of the German football association DFB, said the Pegida supporters’ comments were distasteful. “The German national football team is one of the best examples of successful integration and millions of people in Germany are proud of this team because it is as it is,” Grindel said. [2]  Responding to the controversy, Ferrero issued a statement on Facebook, The Local reported. “We at Ferrero would like to distance ourselves from any form of xenophobia or discrimination,” the Italian confectionery giant said in comments under a video introducing the football tie-in packaging.  “We don’t accept or tolerate this in our Facebook communities either.”  [2][4]  In Germany, Germans want to see Germans on their packaging and they want to watch Germans play on their sports teams. A man from Ghana will never be ethnically German. Why is someone from Ghana or Turkey on a German national football team anyway? If you go to Ghana or any nonWhite country, you will not find German men on their sports teams. It’s not about the stupid packaging but what the packaging represents. Population replacement. German genocide. Only White countries are told to take in the entire world and ‘diversify.’


The New “Politically Correct” Packaging

In France and Germany, political elites brag about the ‘diversity’ of their sports teams and use it as a political tool to advance their agendas of mass immigration into European countries. They signal their self proclaimed moral superiority for having one of every kind on their sports team. But when a German football team does consist of all German players, it’s controversy and practically another holocaust! We all know this is ridiculous.  The more ads in Germany that feature non-Germans, the more Germans will want a Germany just for them. [1]


The Old Fashion (“Racist”) Packaging

On Twitter, the hashtag #Kinderschokolade was among those trending most in Germany on Wednesday.

lunacy-racist-chocolatePEGIDA stands for Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West. Its rallies drew tens of thousands of people last year, many waving German flags and chanting nationalist slogans, but its appeal has since waned as support has shifted to the anti-immigrant Alternative for Germany. [2] The group, founded by Lutz Bachmann in 2014, wants to curb immigration and refuses to integrate with other races, especially Muslims. [3]

In 2013, Ferrero withdrew adverts for chocolates that were aimed to tie in with the German political elections, following furious people comparing the advertising slogan, “Germany votes white”, to Germany’s far right NPD party’s propaganda. [3]


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