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Rosie on Trump: ‘I Fucking Hate That Orange Piece of Shit’

orange-manThe infamous feud between Rosie O’Donnell and presidential candidate Donald Trump continued Wednesday night when the 54-year-old actress went on a profanity-laced rant against the real-estate mogul at a Boy George and Cyndi Lauper concert in New York City.  [1] The Daily Mail reports that O’Donnell’s awesome career had her opening up for washed up 80’s pop drag queen Boy George in NYC. She was supposed to deliver a comedy routine but instead ranted about how much she hates Trump. [9] Speaking to the crowd, Rosie said she was “depressed because I f—ing hate that orange piece of sh–” in reference to Donald Trump’s rise to become the GOP nominee for president.  [1] She then said that she is in therapy over Trump and that her therapist has told her to stop focusing on him. [9]  Footage from O’Donnell’s appearance during this Boy George concert in New York city shows her response to her therapist’s advice. [4] Rosie went on to say what painful torture she’d endure to avoid Trump, which involved a flaming iguana and certain bathroom activities, neither of which anyone would want to imagine Rosie doing: “I would rather give birth to a flaming iguana while taking a sh–. I hate him. I hate him,” Rosie exclaimed while the crowd refused to cheer her on.   [1]  It’s unclear what she would rather do than giving birth to a flaming iguana, but presumably it has something to do with Trump. It’s better for everyone if we don’t try to make too much sense out what she says.  [9]


Rosie: “Eat me, Donald”

The mother of five insisted she was not going to say his name before grabbing her crotch and saying, “Eat me, Donald,” The Daily Mail reported. [2] [3] The video also captures her mentioning ending her feud with Howard Stern producer Gary Dell’Abate, aka “Baba Booey.”  [4] Someone in the audience gave reference to famed radio shock jock Howard Stern, prompting Rosie to say, “He is friends with the sh– stain, which worries me,” and then go on to call Trump “a sh– stain with a tinge of orange.”  According to The Daily Mail, not everyone fell head over heels for Rosie’s profane rant.  In liberal-ass NYC, at a tranny concert, the audience was booing Rosie’s attacks on the Republican presidential nominee“Not everyone was impressed,” said the man who took the video. “People around me were shaking their heads in disagreement.”  “One man near me turned to his wife turned and said, ‘I really hope Donald gets elected so she keeps her promise and moves to Canada.'” [3] [6]

O’Donnell and Trump have feuded off-and-on since 2006. The feud began when O’Donnell questioned Trump’s decision not to strip then-Miss USA Tara Conner’s crown over her reported drug use. Trump fired back by calling O’Donnell a “loser.”  The two have traded insults back and forth for years, with the latest attack coming earlier this month when O’Donnell predicted Trump “will never be president” and said his mouth “looks like an anus.” In April, she called the GOP frontrunner a “bully” who is “not even qualified to run a game show.”  O’Donnell has vowed to move to Canada if Trump wins. In an appearance on Fox News Channel’s Fox and Friends last month, Trump said O’Donnell’s, and other celebrities’, plan to move if he wins would be “a great thing for our country.” [5]

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