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Brain-Dead Actress Lena Dunham Posts Naked Photo for Choice DUNHAM UGLY DUCLING 620x330

Brain-Dead Actress Lena Dunham Posts Naked Photo for Choice

Actress Lena Dunham still thinks people want to see her naked.  In an Instagram post Friday, the outspoken feminist and ultra-abortion advocate shared with audiences a naked photo of her and fellow Girls co-star Jemima Kirke in a bathtub on the set of Girls during the later stages of Kirke’s pregnancy in 2012. See below:

LUNACY  Brain-Dead Actress Lena Dunham Posts Naked Photo for Choice LUNACYIn the Instagram post, Dunham writes how she posted this photo in honor of “choice,” saying that she’s proud her friend became a mother.   “What’s so beautiful to me about this photo right now is choice – I got to watch my friend since childhood CHOOSE to become a mother,” Dunham wrote. “She had the personal and emotional resources to support that choice. She didn’t have her hand forced by lawmakers who would never understand her reality or respect her humanity.”  No explanation was offered as to why it was necessary for Dunham to pose nude in a bathtub to make that statement.  “Sending love and strength to every woman around the world who is being denied that choice,” the actress added. “We won’t stop fighting for you.”  Not once in the entire statement did Dunham refer to the child that eventually came out of Jemima Kirke. Is Dunham willing to look Jemima’s son, Memphis Kirke, and tell him to his face: “Your mom could have aborted you if that had been her choice”?

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