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Salon Pushes Sympathy Towards Pedophiles… Again

todd  Salon Pushes Sympathy Towards Pedophiles… Again todd

Todd Nickerson

Leftists over at Salon have skipped bestiality as their next conquest of sexual liberation and have moved straight on to pedophilia instead.  [6] There are some truly sick, SICK people in this world, and just when you thought you’ve seen the most disgusting planet earth has to offer, along comes Todd Nickerson to take things to a whole new level.  Nickerson is a pedophile who wrote a piece for Salon attempting to normalize his vile attraction to young girls, claiming pedophiles aren’t necessarily “monsters.”  Well, the sicko is back, again with Salon, claiming in a new video that he didn’t “choose” his sexuality — this is how the morally bankrupt left kicks of a new crusade — and discusses how he’ll live his whole life alone.  Because, you know, he’s not allowed by law to be with a child. [3]  In the now “infamous” video, Nickerson confesses his love for a 5-year-old girl and tells us why he thinks it’s justified.  The three minute video begins with Nickerson describing how he first fell in love with a child he babysat when he was 18.  “I remember looking up and just seeing her and just going… ‘Wow, she’s beautiful,’” Nickerson explains. “I knew I was in deep, I had fallen for the girl.”  He goes on to explain that he never hurt the girl. Todd mentions that a lot of his fantasies revolve around young girls that are more powerful than himself and that his breaking point came when he would have to excuse himself while babysitting to masturbate in the bathroom. He left town shortly after to “get his head straightened out.”  The video advertises an online forum for pedophiles alike called “Virtuous Pedophiles,” with the purpose of educating others on “moral pedophiles.” Under the “Who We Are” section of the forum, you find this statement:

Our website is intended to reduce the stigma attached to pedophilia by letting people know that a substantial number of pedophiles DO NOT molest children, and to provide peer support and information about available resources to help virtuous pedophiles remain law-abiding, and lead happy, productive lives.  These are our stories.  There are brief bios of the two founders of the site and collections of other personal stories.

pedo-piece-of-shit  Salon Pushes Sympathy Towards Pedophiles… Again pedo piece of shitidiocy  Salon Pushes Sympathy Towards Pedophiles… Again idiocyThe online forum also contains a list of Frequently Asked Questions including, “Why you should care about pedophiles,” to which they give this reply:

It could be your son.  According to the best available evidence, most pedophiles first become aware of their condition in their early teens. We start like everyone else. We first become attracted to kids who are our own age. As we grow older, however, the objects of our attraction do not. Gradually we become aware of our condition. Believing the popular wisdom that we are evil and will inevitably abuse children, many of us experience depression, self-loathing and sometimes become suicidal.

Todd Nickerson adds that pedophiles and society must find some sort of middle ground, otherwise people like him end up as fatalists. The video ends on a audacious note: “We love kids and we want to protect them too.” [1]  So, essentially, as is always true of the left, Nickerson and Salon have begun to argue that if someone molests a child, then it’s society’s fault for not accepting him. They want us to own pedophilia, rather than kick it to the shadows. Nickerson even says society has “persecuted” men such as himself.   [6] To make one thing clear, if someone has sexual fantasies about children and resists the urge to act, then that person needs to get help until those desires are eliminated or seriously diminished, and we should encourage that as long as they do. Many people who experience pedophilia were themselves victims of sexual abuse, and it is perfectly appropriate to hope for the healing of such a person.  Salon has moved way beyond that, however, by demanding we accept such a person as they are so long as they never molest a child. They want us to see that as part of who they are and not a grotesque disorder. There is no owning pedophilia, the same way there is no owning STD’s as feminists do. Pedophiles have thoughts that need to go away, not merely be kept at bay. [6]

In the comment boxes on Salon, some leftists have even gone so far as to suggest that pedophiles like Nickerson should be allowed to engage in simulated child pornography so they can stimulate themselves, theoretically preventing them from molesting actual children. The same “own it” mentality goes into the left’s solution for every social ill: the war on drugs has failed, so let everyone have drugs; transgenders have a high rate of suicide, so let’s celebrate transgenderism; get an STD or have an abortion, take pride in it; aroused by kids, indulge in simulated child porn. [6]

Here is Alex Jones’ epic anti-pedophile rant:

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[3] Michael Cantrell, Pedophile Says he’s not a “Monster,” Loves Kids and Wants to Protect Them, Young Conservatives, 11:45am May 20, 2016


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