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Wimpy Men are Now Paying Women to BEAT THEM UP

KINKY wrestling fans are splashing the cash on beautiful women… who are being paid to dominate them.  Unconventional London agency, Models Wrestling Management, promises to put the strongest and most attractive women in the ring with their male customers.  From £150 a session, punters have the option of choosing from a range of services, including bondage, being beat down, fantasy wrestling and competitive-style fighting.   Potential punters can browse the online catalogue of models available, gleaning information such as their height, waist and bra size.  Founder of MWM and ex-model, dancer and boxer, Cam, told The Sun that their clients trend to be “men in high powered jobs and positions.

They are well mannered and well kept. Although being extremely and confident they do tend to be a little shy on arrival to their sessions.

Depending on how brave customers are, they can choose from a wide range of classes. Timid wrestling fans can book ‘cat fight’ sessions where they have the opportunity to “relax and enjoy watching two wrestlers go at it all just for you”. More meek men might opt for a semi-competitive class, which carefully balances “being sexy and aggressive”. Hardcore guests may want to try out ‘bondage wrestling’, where they will be placed completely in the control of the model.For kinky visitors, the ‘fantasy wrestling’ style allows clients to try out their most bizarre fantasies. The website promises: “The wrestler may dress up and perform as the character of your choice, for example as a sexy nurse, wonder woman, police woman, etc.”  The founder of MWM, Cam, told The Sun: “The fact that there is a slight element of domination…  “It is a stress relief for most if the clients where they can escape their every-day responsibilities and have a big weight lifted off their shoulders.  “It also caters for their inner most wildest fantasies… I mean who wouldn’t want to be dominated by super hero like beautiful female wrestlers?”  Their diverse range of models includes Sparkle, who claims: “I’m hot tempered and will enjoy looking into your eyes as you weaken before me.”  Another model who is in high demand goes by the name Panther, because she’s “extremely playful.”  The WWM website warns: “Do not underestimate her strength and skill.  “Once she gets her claws into you it will be a struggle to break free of her grasp.”  MWM’s website explains that they provide: “A VIP wrestling service that is second to none.  “We only have girls who are extremely beautiful, talented and sexy. Our girls are either models or simply have model looks.  “Our aim is to provide you with an upper-class wrestling service and location with a plush basement studio in up and coming Camden offering privacy, prestige and a stunning model waiting to pummel you to the ground.”



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