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Introducing the Dildo Drone Sex Toy

Lusty entrepreneurs are taking multitasking masturbation to new levels by attaching a sex toy to a drone.  It’s not clear yet if the invention is entirely legitimate – but a humorous marketing video has already hit YouTube and social media is all aflutter.  Known simply as the ‘dildo drone’, the flying sex toy promises hands-free masturbation for when you want to “drink this beer and eat this burger” at the same time.  According to the video – all you need to do is hit the remote control and the dildo does the rest by flying directly to you.

DILDODRONES  Introducing the Dildo Drone Sex Toy DILDODRONES

If you’re tempted to buy a dildo drone of your very own, you’re going to have to wait. Although the video directs you to a website, there’s nothing there yet. The company behind the invention, Dildo Everything, have already put sex toys on the end of selfie sticks , so this seems like the natural next step.

Dildo-Selfie-Stick  Introducing the Dildo Drone Sex Toy Dildo Selfie Stick



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