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College Students Panic After Confusing Priest for KKK Member

Students at Indiana University Bloomington became triggered Monday evening after assuming a priest with rosary beads was actually a “KKK member holding a whip.”  According to news source The Tab, at around 9:15pm students began issuing warnings on social media that a man in “white robes” had been seen on campus.

Other students, uninterested in waiting for the claims to be verified, immediately demanded the school find a way to make them feel safe.

After a flurry of emails and the likely construction of several safe spaces, students were eventually informed that the alleged racist was actually a “monk of the Dominican order in traditional white robes” named Father Jude McPeak.

“I’ve never heard of a brother triggering a email going around,” he told The Tab, also admitting he’d been falsely accused because of his attire before.

Resident Advisor Ethan Gill, who says students came running to him “terrified,” called the incident an example of miscommunication.

“This is what happens when there is miscommunication…” Gill said.

“And I see this picture. It’s a priest. With a rosary.”

Using social media, the Dominican Friars used the opportunity to poke fun at the clear overreaction by students.


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