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Ultra Liberal Teacher Houses Muslim Refugee And Pays Ultimate Price

dead-liberal  Ultra Liberal Teacher Houses Muslim Refugee And Pays Ultimate Price dead liberal

Professor Mehdi Hushmand

The sad truth is that blind ideology can indeed prove deadly, if one allows that ideology to override common sense and a prudent and realistic understanding of those potential dangers within your environment.  Tragically a progressive professor decided to take a chance and ignore basic human instincts of self-preservation in favor his progressive ideology, and sadly paid for it with his life. [1]   Professor Mehdi Hushmand, a 55-year-old migrant himself from Iran, sympathized with the flood of Muslim asylum seekers flocking across the borders.  Apparently, he foolishly bought into the propaganda that Muslim asylum seekers can be won over with Western hospitality and tolerance. [2] He began bringing food, aid, and supplies to refugee centers, but he still felt he wasn’t doing enough. So, he made friends with the male refugees, even letting a few of them stay with him in his house.  However when the high school math teacher from Celle, a city near Hanover, Germany, didn’t show up for work his colleagues became concerned, went to his home and discovered a trail of blood leading to the basement.  It was there that his colleagues found Mehdi butchered and lying dead in a pool of his own blood.  [1] Murdered by the very migrant for whom he cared, Mehdi’s tolerance for the 58-year-old Afghan refugee came “full swing” when police say they got into an “argument,” according to Bild. Upset that Mehdi, the man who gave him everything, simply disagreed with him, the unidentified asylum seeker took a rock and a large metal pipe and bashed the teacher’s head to a bloody pulp. [2] The refugees then dragged the mutilated body down to the basement in an attempt to cover up his gruesome crime. [1]

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Although the migrant suspect was arrested last Thursday, German police were hesitant to give out many details, including the man’s Afghan origin or his legal status. Throughout Europe, many officials have failed to report key statistics, hoping to protect Muslim migrants’ image and their own leftist agenda. Mehdi was murdered because his compassion and ignorance met its match with the Islamic ideology inherent in Sharia countries. As a witness to the Islamic brutality in his own home country, the propaganda of the left took advantage of his sympathy. We are told that refugees have passed up countless safe Muslim countries to head to the West because they are escaping terrorism and tyranny. However, what we’re not told is that many of them are supporters of that which they claim to be fleeing. The first disturbing detail is that this refugee is from Afghanistan — not Syria. This coincides with reports that 4 out of 5 refugees are not from Syria or even a war-torn nation. As such, migrants from North Africa, Asia, and the rest of the Middle East have jumped on the refugee crisis simply to gain benefits in Europe. Another shocking statistic is that a dangerously large number of Syrian refugees who claim they are fleeing the Islamic State are actually supporters. Around one-third of Syrian asylum seekers flocking to the West show some support for ISIS, while at least 13 percent openly admit they are fans of the terrorist group and agree with its Islamic views. That means that we are welcoming in refugees who believe that the spread of violent jihad belongs in the West, and they stand in solidarity with a Sharia government in our countries. Nearly half of all refugees and migrants to the West are men. Although this is a step up from last year’s 72 percent, we are still only seeing 35 percent children and 20 percent women. The able-bodied men are abandoning their families to make their way to Europe, leading us to believe that they either aren’t in any real danger or we are accepting millions of barbaric Muslim males who hold fast to their misogynist views. Unfortunately, leftists have managed to endanger countless civilians with their emotional propaganda. However, if we do not act quickly towards self-preservation despite political correctness, many more will end up like the misled liberal teacher. [2]

[3] CHRIS TOMLINSON, Teacher Brutally Murdered By Afghan Migrant, Breitbart, 24 Mar 2016


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