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7 Reasons Why Barack Obama is a Cultural Marxist

As 2012’s election challenge nears, much of Barack Obama‘s thin ideological veil is receding, rendering his heart of belief further clairvoyant in the public eye. Sadly this changeover is not towards a more pro-national or patriotic fusion of thoughts, but rather in the color of those who hold ultimate disdain for our nation and its culture.  Barack Obama is a man consumed by violent animosity for America and its traditions, his mind bound in a cultural Marxist train which has become obvious across various sociopolitical exploits over the last three and a half years.

1. Disrespect for American Nationalism

Since ascending alongside the laurels of Executive Branch power, Obama has demonstrated a grinding dislike for patriotic causes and national traditions. He criticizes Americans for holding on to their beliefs and values, barely cobbling the necessary appreciation of this nation’s greatness in order to appear halfway acceptable to the average voter’s sensibilities.  At a 9/11 commemoration ceremony in September of last year, he tacitly approved of his wife’s irritation over the length of time dedicated in respecting the American Flag, granting her a smug nod in front of the cameras. This event hearkens back to a moment before he took office, when as a Democratic candidate he failed to place his hand over heart during a rendition of the Star Spangled Banner, even as leading contenders Bill Richardson and Hillary Clinton did so.   Such open disinterest in our nation’s federal culture is a prime element of proof that the president had Marxist tendencies in line with Herbert Marcuse’s Frankfurt School.

2. Embrace of anti-capitalist figures

Obama has also demonstrated his cultural Marxism by aligning with figures of stark anti-capitalist persuasion. As a young child and teenager, he was mentored by Frank Marshall Davis, a radical communist activist whose activities in the mainland and Hawaii were investigated by the FBI. Davis’ ideology aligned firmly with the Soviet Union, creating a root for his opposition to the United States in World War II until Moscow joined the Allies.  Additionally, of Obama’s political career was built due to influence from Bill Ayers, a leftist and former domestic terrorist who has stated he desires to see capitalism’s total collapse. Ayers helped the future president connect with leftist thinkers and campaign bundlers in Chicago, allowing the neophyte to knock off and incumbent and run for the state senate.  Amidst the Occupy Wall Street protests of last year, the president made sure to come out in favor of the ragtag movement, which emphasized its better qualities by making extreme tirades against business interests whilst taking breaks to vandalize public property or leave human refuse on police cars.

3. Racial stereotype propagation

When originally elected Obama was seen as a figure who might serve as the bridge between various races in the United States, yet his behavior as president suggests a hidden agenda to expand racial stereotypes and create a social war based upon skin color.  Breaking society apart along racial specifics is a prime agent of cultural Marxism, as it undercuts the person’s fealty to his or her nation and replaces that dedication with commitment to their race.  In the aftermath of the fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin, a black teenager in Florida, Obama refused to remain above the incident, where he might have urged for peacemaking between all races during such a tense period. Rather, the demagogue-in-chief came out and stated his views plainly, saying of Martin:

“If I a son, he’d look like Trayvon.”

Not only did Obama indirectly voice his approval of Martin’s lifestyle–which included drug abuse and multiple school suspensions–he also lowered himself from leader of the nation to some minor civil rights activist aligned with the (heavily black) pro-Martin wing, creating a racially charged situation going forward.  Unsurprisingly, reprisal attacks have been made on innocent citizens by blacks working in spirit for Martin’s memory, including a vicious assault on a member of the armed forces. These incidents have drawn no attention from Obama, who plucked up his moment out of the entire fiasco and then pedaled closer to the future.

4. Attorney General choice

Another shade in Obama’s ideological pelt comes in his selection and sustained endorsement of Eric Holder, easily the most anti-American cabinet official of our nation’s history.  Following Holder’s implication in the Fast and Furious scandal, a gun-running operation which left border patrol Officer Brian Terry dead, the president denied access to documents which might have further complicated Holder’s situation, protecting his attorney general from a likely indictment. In his actions Obama strictly mocked America’s dignity in the fight for a secure border and past the wake of Terry’s death.  But Holder’s surrogacy for Obama’s hateful ideology does not end there. As multiple states began measures to implement requirements that all voters present a photo ID in order to cast ballots later this year, Holder stepped forward to challenge those laws through the Justice Department, in effect frustrating an appeal that voter fraud be reduced in as broad a manner possible.

5. Attacks on business owners

It is apparently not enough for Obama to flaunt his views on free market capitalism through associations with radical anti-business figures. He has decided to loosen the iron grip over his own views this election year so that they might flow out and enlighten the public.  While attending a rally in Roanoke, Virginia, the president attacked business owners by noting that:

“Look, if you’ve been successful, you didn’t get there on your own. You didn’t get there on your own.”

Obama’s rambling gaffe shows clear the driving force behind his heart. It is not belief in the concept of individualism and self-sacrifice, but a collectivized view which takes everything a person has made due to their own consistent effort and turns it into a group-credit model. No one is allowed sole recognition in his conceptualization of culture, as they must owe it all eventually to the State.

6. Disregard for the Constitution

To further his cultural Marxist crusade, Barack Obama has gone to extremes comparable with few other presidents in his destruction of the Constitution’s traditional sanctity.  When Middle Eastern territories became consumed by uprising early in 2011, Obama acted quickly to destabilize Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, committing American resources to a mass bombing campaign against the strongman’s regime. Despite multiple appeals to the contrary and his criticism of former President George W. Bush on his approach regarding the Iraq War, Obama moved to unilaterally engage without consulting the Congress. He further ignored the War Powers Act by not gaining approval from the House of Representatives within 90 days of his decision to deploy American planes.  Other presidents have taken similar actions, and yet Obama’s status as a former law professor brings the epic nail upon coffin of respect for the Constitution’s meaning. Young Americans beyond this presidential term will be forced to read history of a man who left behind all his life’s work and professional purpose for the sake of political convenience.

7. Betrayal of America’s allies

Lastly, Barack Obama outlined his Marxist approach to policy when his administration gave important nuclear secrets regarding START Treaty to the Russian Federation, completely stabbing the United Kingdom’s back. All this achieved did was soften the Russians to a particular article within the treaty, at the full and total expense of America’s strongest ally. Betrayal of perhaps a lesser ally might have been passable, but reducing the country alongside America fought Nazism to victory is entirely inexcusable for a patriot’s action.  Once again the president’s anti-American and anti-West views showed clear, displaying our banner as that of a schemer and collaborator’s house.  By no sane argument can we as a nation afford to experience four more years of the cultural Marxist dribbler who is intent on eliminating the greatness of the American Nation. He must be defeated in election and sent away to an exile colored by utter disgrace, where perhaps from afar the toxicity in his mind can be taught respect for the country which he so despairs.

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