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Mark Dice: Hollywood Is An Illuminati Sex Cult

Alex Jones talks with Illuminati expert Mark Dice about the corruption inside of Hollywood and how it is used to control your mind.  Taking about his new book, Dice explains that people on the Internet and social media have been seized with the idea that the Illuminati are present in Hollywood and are actively controlling  several celebrities from actors to pop music stars.  According to Dice there is a lot of truth in to that even though we must be careful not to fall for the story every time someone in Hollywood yells ‘Illuminati.’  There is no doubts a big difference between the original ‘Bavarian Illuminati’ founded in 1776  (and later disbanded) and the big insiders in Hollywood and the controllers of the big studios.  Even though there may be no real connexion between the real Illuminati and modern day Hollywood, Dice told Alex Jones that the mainstream Hollywood establishment have been promoting this Illuminati narrative anyway and that it represent sort of a “modern day version of satanism.” Dice think that the celebrities puppets controlled by the big studios are promoting this decadent culture and all the hypersexualized crap in order to grease the skids for the coming One World Religion… which will be a populist watered down version of luciferianism.



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