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China Warns America Against a Trump Presidency

communist-garbage  China Warns America Against a Trump Presidency communist garbageIf this past month has shown us anything, its that Donald Trump’s list of enemies is no longer limited by our American borders. First, he and the Pope got into a feud. Next, former Mexican president Vicente Fox went off on the GOP frontrunner, saying — among other things — that Trump reminds him of Hitler. Now, China is getting in on the international war against Donald Trump.  It seems that every single enemy Trump makes only endures him further with his conservative base. While Pope Francis is a powerful figure, his politics have left many conservatives cold. Trump’s constant attacks on illegal immigrants from Mexico have many fired up, and the response from Fox only proves that Mexico is listening, and maybe even a little scared. Now, China’s response to Trump’s accusations that they are constantly devaluing their currency further shows to his supporters that they, too, are afraid of President Trump. China isn’t happy with what Donald Trump is saying about their government, and now they’re trying to cover it up entirely.

Reports from Asia say Chinese state-run media have been ordered by the Communist Party to minimize reporting on the U.S. presidential election.

Trump-848x500  China Warns America Against a Trump Presidency Trump 848x500Hong Kong’s Chinese-language news outlet Oriental Daily reported Feb. 5 that the Party’s Propaganda Department, which sets policies for all state-run media, ordered all publications to ban election coverage of U.S. policies toward China and to focus election coverage on negative stories and scandals. Trump won the Nevada caucus with 45 percent of the vote, increasing his chances of winning the Republican nomination later this year.  Last month, Trump vowed to impose a 45 percent tariff on Chinese good to offset China’s devaluation of the yuan. “They’re devaluing their currency, and they’re killing our companies,” Trump said. “We are letting them get away with it, and we can’t let them get away with it.”  The Obama administration has adopted conciliatory policies toward China on trade and currency issues. Trump, on his campaign website, outlined a hardline approach to dealing with China that involves officially declaring China a currency manipulator and negotiating an end to the practice. Trump also wants to thwart China’s theft of intellectual property and adopt policies aimed at bring jobs back from overseas to the United States. Bolstering the U.S. military and “deploying it appropriately in the East and South China Seas” are other goals.

“These actions will discourage Chinese adventurism that imperils American interests in Asia and shows our strength as we begin renegotiating our trading relationship with China,” the Trump website states. “A strong military presence will be a clear signal to China and other nations in Asia and around the world that America is back in the global leadership business.”

Is China’s refusal to cover Trump’s accusations an admission of guilt, or are they just embarrassed to be publicly shamed on the world stage? Either way, if they’ve got nothing to hide, they’re sure trying hard to cover it up.

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