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White Folks Gonna Have To Give Up Stuff, Sacrifice – For Black Lives Matter


Black Lives Matter co-founder Marissa Johnson

With arguments consistent with those of the race-baiters Hussein Obama and Eric Holder, Black Lives Matter co-founder Marissa Johnson blames white people for everything that’s wrong with her life. When she can’t deal with reality it’s because her reality is too hard. There are lots of white people going hungry; her life seems to be much easier than theirs. She doesn’t want a real reality, she wants a separate, on demand, “more fair reality,” crafted for her by a redistributive Marxist government.

White People Are To Blame And This Commie Wants To Take Their Stuff

black-lives-commiesShe claims that it is white people who are to blame for creating the conditions that “require” a phrase like black lives matter. It’s not because the phrase “I’m getting up off my whiny, lazy butt and gonna stop feeling sorry for myself” was already taken, it’s because they want something for nothing. Work involves eh…work.  The over-acting agitator asks, “Do you know what I’d give to live in a world where I didn’t have to say black lives matter? Do you know how horrific it is to grow up as a child in a world that so hates you that you have to literally say to other people, ‘my life matters?’” She mocks a response of the “white people” saying that every life matters and then complains that blacks are being shot in the streets or being rounded up and mass incarcerated.  Hang on there drama queen, with the most minute number of possible exceptions, nobody is being gunned down in the streets that isn’t drawing or brandishing a weapon at a police officer. What is happening with great frequency is a black individual, whose lives only matter when there’s a cop exterminating it, is killed by another black individual.  As for mass incarcerations, that is just a lie. Every person incarcerated has a court appearance and most of those are in fact guilty of committing a crime. There are victims whose lives matter more, who didn’t create the situation, who pay for the criminal conduct of those she defends and makes excuses for.  Sixty Minutes plays a video of their guest behaving quite rudely. It’s no wonder nobody liked her when she was growing up. The hatred people hold for her appears to be justified and be well earned. As she interrupted an event hosted by communist Bernie Sanders, the twisted agitator declared, “I was going to tell Bernie how racist this city is, filled with its progressives, but you already did it for me.”  Rudeness and disruption are not going to ingratiate her with any crowd. Race has nothing to do with it. They’re responding to her rudeness and insulting behavior. The Marxist agitator responds to the Scott Pelley assertion that Sanders is far left by saying that he’s “left for white folks.” Everything is about racism with this communist, that’s her means to the redistributive end she’s going after.  Johnson says that to get what she wants “we have to look completely outside of the system.” She says that she is trying to wake black voters up to their power within the Democrat Party and to the fact that they are being taken advantage of.  If they would simply stop identifying as black and simply vote based upon what is best for the country, they would not be able to be manipulated. Their own racism and desire for free stuff and preferential treatment is what is allowing the Democrats to control them. Johnson is simply offering more of the same, with a bit of Al Sharpton-style extortion thrown in for good measure.  She spells it out, saying, “What it’s gonna take to dismantle white supremacy is white folks actually got to give up something,” bringing out her first smile of the interview.  She continues, saying, “You have to actually sacrifice yourself. You have to be willing to give up the things that you currently benefit from.  How about we just chip in and buy the perpetually butt-hurt victim of life a plane ticket to Cuba? Maybe that will give her a perspective on just how bad things were in the US. Her definition of horrific might change a bit, given a new context.



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