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Muslim Refugees Welcomed To Canada By Radical Imam Calling To “Destroy” The Enemies Of Islam


Shaban Sherif Mady

Muslim refugees arriving in Alberta, Canada were welcomed by a pro-ISIS hate preacher who called for the destruction of enemies of Islam and prayed for jihadists to “hit their targets”.  The speech took place during an event hosted by the Alberta Islamic Welfare Association to welcome Syrian refugees arriving in Canada.  The speaker, Shaban Sherif Mady, has previously advocated the return of the Caliphate and for Islamists to conquer Europe, the very same goal shared by ISIS. [8] He also called on Allah to “annihilate” anyone who opposed this plan. [1] Sheikh Shaban Sherif Mady (شعبان شريف ماضي), was a scholar at al-Azhar theological school in Egypt and served at the Ministry of Endowment and Ministry of Education of the Egyptian government. Today, he is the Imam of a Muslim congregation in Edmonton, Alberta which holds its Friday prayers at Glengarry Hall in Edmonton. [5] During his speech to welcome the refugees, Mady struck a similar tone. In his speech, Shaban Sherif Mady greeted them, emphasized the merits of the people of Greater Syria in the eyes of Allah for defeating the Crusaders and the Tatars, and ended with a supplication to Allah. [2]

“Oh Allah, strengthen the mujahideen everywhere! Make their hearts firm and strong, let them hit their targets. Give them victory over their enemies.”

“Oh Allah, destroy the oppressors! Oh Allah, destroy your enemies, the enemies of religion (Islam).”

“Oh Allah, whoever wishes good for Islam and the Muslims bestow all goodness upon him.”

“Oh Allah, whoever wishes ill for us and wishes ill for Islam and the Muslims, make his plot (tied) around his neck, make him preoccupied with himself, and make his plan cause his own destruction.” [2]

muslim-trudeauIn another video, Mady likens Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to “the Najashi”, a Christian King of Abyssinia in the 7th century AD (honoured in the Islamic history) who betrayed his own peopled before converting to Islam. According to the story he offered protection he provided to the Muslim emigrants who fled pagan Mecca and his persistent refusal to expel them while fending off the pressure and lure offered by Muhammad’s Meccan rival leadership.  [5] Mady thanks Trudeau for “removing the suspicion that terrorism is related to Islam” (while simultaneously calling for terrorists to “hit their targets”).

The following is an excerpt of Shaban Sherif Mady’s sermon (originally in Arabic):

“Justin Trudeau – I call him today the Najashi of the current era. He hosted Muslims,honoured them, visited their mosques, greeted them for their holidays, and removed the suspicion that terrorism is related to Islam, honoured the Muslims, hosted the refugees.

He is the Najashi of the current era. This is the title of my sermon that will appear on YouTube – Justin Trudeau Najashi of the current era

“In Islam there are men, in the world there are men who helped the world with their wisdom, such as [Recep Tayyip] Erdoğan [President of Turkey] and Justin Trudeau.

“Salute to Justin Trudeau, O the Najashi of the current era. Thank you… This man is affable. This amiable man we call him the Najashi of the current era.

“Thank you for hosting our Muslims on behalf of this Canadian country which you run in the same way the Najashi ruled in ancient era our Muslims, who were oppressed and tortured [in Mecca].

“Thank you. Thanks you, O the Najashi of the current eraThe world is happy to see people like Erdoğan and Trudeau. With people such as those the compassion is spread, the friendship is spread, the love is spread…”

As previously reported, this is not the first time that Muslim migrants arriving in Canada have been welcomed under alarming circumstances. Members of a school choir were asked to sing a song to welcome 163 newly arrived refugees back in December. The song celebrates Muhammad’s arrival in Medina after he forced Christians to convert to Islam under threat of death. [7] Justin Trudeau tweeted his approval of the song, despite the fact that it refers to a battle cited in the Koran, which calls on Muslims to fight and kill non-believers until they “pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.”  [1] The Jizya is a crippling tax on non-Muslims which is currently imposed on Christians in the Middle East by ISIS under threat of execution and taking their wives as sex slaves.  In summary; the children were basically singing a song that celebrates the subjugation and “submission” of Christians to Islam after thousands of Muslims migrated and took over a large portion of territory. [1]

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