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Donald Trump Says Bernie Sanders is a ‘Communist’

Donald Trump don’t like Bernie Sanders. Recently he railed against Sanders’ political ideology and said, “I think he’s a communist. I think he’s actually a communist with a socialistic bent. Anybody that would say that the Paris attacks were caused by global warming, there’s something missing. Even the most ardent global-warming believers aren’t buying that one.” [14]

Donald Trump has taken aim against a new Democratic Rival, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, calling the lawmaker a “maniac” and “socialist-slash-communist.” Trump made the remarks in Richmond, Virginia in front of a crowd of 5,000 the day after the Democrats met in Las Vegas for their first debate. He also said that former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton has hurt herself by having to chase after Mr. Sanders. [7] “I watched Hillary last night — ‘we’re gonna give this, we’re gonna give that,'” he said. “The poor woman, she’s gotta give everything away because this maniac that was standing on her right was giving everything away, so she’s following! It’s what’s happening.” Sanders admitted that he is a Democratic Socialist, but Trump pushed the point further during the event. “I call him a socialist-slash-communist because that’s what he is,” he said. “He’s gonna tax you people at 90 percent; he’s gonna take everything!” [10]

A Washington Examiner analysis of Sanders’ promised welfare services and other spending projects found an additional $19.6 trillion in taxes would be necessary to implement these socialism programs.  Trump, ranked first in the Examiner’s presidential power rankings, believes he can win the nomination and the election if voters understand that Sanders’ promises come with a high price.  “He hasn’t done anything as a senator and he thinks all of a sudden he thinks he’s gonna turn things around,” Trump later added on Fox News with Bill O’Reilly. “I think it sounds great for an election. I think he does not believe he will get it through Congress, I fully believe that.” [8]

January 24, 2016: Presidential candidate Donald Trump held a speech at Muscatine High School in Muscatine, IA.  Trump called Sanders a “communist” and told the crowd that if he want he “could hit him so hard” that “he would drop.”

Donald Trump called Bernie Sanders a “Communist.”

She’s got a problem, She’s got a maniac on the other side. ok? Yeah it ‘s a maniac. He is a socialist slash communist I said it yeasterday in a speech. So… call it what you like. Here is what happened to Hillary. This guy is giving everything away.  He wants social security for illegal immigrants, he wants education for illegal immigrants, he wants driver licences. He wants everything for people who are not even legaly in the country.  He wants things like free education… anybody who want to go to school you’ll get free education. All of this stuff will cost trillions of dollars.  Sixteen seventeen eighteen trillion of dollars. Hillary is standing there listening to this and she’s getting dragued over so far to the left… I watched her the other night and this was embarassing…

Donald Trump spoke to Greta Van Susteren Wednesday night about his victory in New Hampshire, adding that it was surprising to see Sanders win big on the Democratic side. Donald Trump said:

Yeah, it was interesting to see. We’re dealing with a Socialist over there, possibly a Communist. I listened to his speech last night. That was beyond Socialism. So, I don’t know what’s going on over there. That was a pretty big victory for him. [2]

Donald Trump took his first serious notice of Bernie Sanders on the campaign trail, telling a crowd of more than 11,000 people in Tampa, Florida that the Vermont senator is ‘a communist.’  The Republican presidential front-runner never named Sanders, the self-described democratic socialist who is giving former secretary of state Hillary Clinton fits and starts in the Democratic primary fight.  But there’s no mistaking who The Donald meant.  ‘I’d love to run against her,’ he said of Clinton. ‘I’d also love to run against the communist.’ [3]  ‘I never thought we’d see the day in our country,’ he said, ‘when a communist – because that’s really, if you think about it – when a communist is the leading Democrat!’  ‘We’re going to have a communist against the entrepreneur. I like the entrepreneur. Don’t you think?’  [3]

 “I’d love to run against him,” Trump told supporters at his campaign rally in Cedar Rapids, Iowa on Monday ahead of the caucus. “To run against a communist in this country…I’d love that.” “Wouldn’t that be great?” He added, “We will have a lot of fun.” [5]

‘I watch this great country, and if that’s the best we can do, that’s pretty sad when you think of it. It’s pretty sad,’ Trump said. [3]

Donald Trump never misses an opportunity to say something entirely simpleminded and inane, so it’s no surprise that he’s leveling an attack on Bernie Sanders that is straight out of Idiot’s Guide to Politics for Dummies. He says Sanders is “probably a communist” who would “destroy the fabric of what we are.”

Trump told Savage that he “would be very happy” if Sanders won the Democratic nomination, saying that the Vermont senator is “probably a communist” who will “destroy the fabric of what we are.”

“I just can’t believe that this country is ready for socialism or communism, because it’s pretty close to communism, some of the things he wants to do,” Trump added.

Savage, in turn, said he is praying for a Sanders nomination because “it’d be the greatest landslide in history,” predicting that Trump would take 85 percent of the vote. [9]

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