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Elite Will Use Migrants To Destroy European Labor

IMF5  Elite Will Use Migrants To Destroy European Labor IMF5The International Monetary Fund is recommending that a million European migrants from the Middle East and Africa be paid below the minimum wage.  The international organization argues undercutting the European labor market is the only feasible way to integrate the migrants.  EuroActiv, a source for European Union news, reported on Wednesday:

For the IMF, employment is the major means by which the refugees will become economically integrated in their host countries. To accelerate their integration, the IMF recommends the implementation of “temporary and limited derogations of the minimum wage for refugees”. The aim of this measure would be to redress the initial imbalance on the labour market between the recent immigrants and the native population.

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Hans Werner Sinn

As the German economist Hans Werner Sinn notes, the huge influx of largely unskilled migrants will put pressure on the wages of domestic low-skilled workers. Sinn uses the United States as an example.  In the United States there are “8.3 million native-born workers 18 years of age or older working full-time who have not completed high school. In addition, there are 3.4 million adult native-born Americans who lack a high school education working part-time. There is a good deal of evidence that these workers are in direct competition with Mexican immigrants,” reports the Center for Immigration Studies.

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Larry Neal

In 1997 the Brookings Institution published a paper showing that natives and immigrants who do not have a high school education usually hold similar jobs and concluded that immigration had a significant adverse impact on the wages of natives.  Larry Neal writes (The Economics of Europe and the European Union) that instead of a decline in wages for unskilled native workers, an influx of immigrant workers has in the past resulted in unemployment. Additionally, unskilled and low-paid migrant workers do not benefit higher skilled workers. “Skilled labor, rather than enjoying increased real wages, saw employers reaping higher profits,” Neal notes.  Prior to the current wave of Middle Eastern and African migrants Germany struggled to find low-skilled jobs for migrants from Romania and Bulgaria. A document produced by the German Association of Cities in 2013 showed how immigrants from southeastern Europe struggled to find employment.  “Of particular concern is that many of those coming from southeastern Europe come from financially unstable backgrounds, the paper notes, and are not well educated, making it virtually impossible for them to find jobs once in Germany. The influx of Roma, the document says, presents an especially difficult challenge given that they often end up living in desolate conditions once they arrive,” Der Spiegel reported.  In October the German Federal Employment Agency (Bundesagentur für Arbeit, BA) reported a full 80 percent of migrants have no skills or qualifications. Only a mere 8 percent of arriving migrants have any kind of academic qualification.

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Tino Sanandaji

The problem of migrant labor is further exacerbated by a shortage in high-skilled vacancies. In the United Kingdom six in ten university graduates are too qualified for the jobs they are performing because of a shortage in high-skilled positions, according to the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. (This is not the case, however, in Germany with a history of strong vocational training.) A study by the British Home Office found that native workers are routinely forced out by foreign workers.  “There just aren’t many jobs anymore for the very low-skilled” in Sweden, Tino Sanandaji, a Swedish economist with the Research Institute of Industrial Economics, told AlJazeera English in 2013, prior to the current influx. Statistics compiled in the Scandinavian country at that time revealed 84 percent of people aged 25-64 who were born in Sweden are employed, compared with only 57 percent of foreign-born residents of the same age group.  In addition to competition for jobs the tidal wave of migrants—the vast majority consisting of young males—is producing social tension as ethnic and cultural differences surface and often explode. The widespread molestation of women over the New Year holiday by gangs of mostly North African migrants in Cologne and other German cities has produced conflict and angry calls by native Europeans for the expulsion of migrants.

Global Elite Destroying the Bastions of Western Culture

The IMF plan to undermine the European labor market with workers paid less than the minimum wage is part of a larger plan by the global elite to eliminate borders, destroy national sovereignty and ultimately impose a centralized and totalitarian world government.  Increases in hidden unemployment, a lack of new job openings, and a deterioration of real wage rates are the consequences of neoliberal globalization, not only in so-called developing countries but, increasingly, in Europe, the United States and elsewhere in the industrial world.  As Charles Hugh Smith explains, “the bankers are the new feudal lords, and the politicians of the EU and its influential member nations are the servile vassals who enforce the ‘rule of law’ on the serfs.”  The globalist “rule of law” enforced by unelected bureaucrats is being used as a hammer to collapse the West and usher in world government. The mass migration of uneducated, unskilled and culturally alien “refugees” allegedly escaping from globalist engineered wars and crises are being used to attack the endangered bastions of western civilization.

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