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“GuyFi” Booth Allows Men to Masturbate on the Streets of NYC guyfi dumbass 620x330

“GuyFi” Booth Allows Men to Masturbate on the Streets of NYC

guyfi-idiots  “GuyFi” Booth Allows Men to Masturbate on the Streets of NYC guyfi idiotsA US-based sex toy company has beaten off its rivals and opened the world’s first “male stress relief” masturbation booths in Manhattan, New York. The purported site is a converted disused phone booth, complete with Wi-Fi connectivity.  The sex toy company behind the campaign, Hot Octopuss, capitalised on news that telecommunications firm LinkNYC is rolling out free gigabit Wi-Fi access across New York City by converting 6,000 remaining old public telephones still in the city.  Why advertise with us  LinkNYC booths will offer Wi-Fi, free domestic phone calls, a dedicated 911 button and USB charging slots. The City of New York also intends to add an Android-powered touchscreen that comes with an interactive map and a range of informative apps.  According to Time Out, 39% of all New Yorkers “self-soothe” in the workplace to alleviate stress, so Hot Octopuss thought it would be smart to introduce their own version of LinkNYC’s free Wi-Fi booths – namely the “GuyFi” booth, which turns your old, crusty, stinky phone booth into a private masturbation haven that comes complete with a laptop, a chair and a black curtain for privacy.  “Scientists say that male ‘alone time’ reduces depression and stress, as well as increasing self-esteem – all undeniably beneficial for staying healthy in today’s fast-paced and stressful work environment. A break for as little as 15 minutes can seriously enhance productivity in the work place,” Hot Octopuss said in its press release.  The sex toy firm claims that on the day the GuyFi booth was launched (13 January) at 28th Street and 5th Avenue, at least 100 men ‘used’ the booth. However, there is a problem with this idea – masturbating in public is against the law in the US.  “[New York men can] take this habit out of the office and into a more suitable environment designed to give the busy Manhattan man the privacy, and the high-speed Internet connection, he deserves,” Hot Octopuss told Mashable.  “We may be insinuating that these booths could be used in whichever way anyone would like to ‘self soothe, but the brand is not actively encouraging people to masturbate in public as that is an illegal offence.”  IBTimes UK visited the alleged site of the booth to discover nothing there. Speaking to Hot Octopuss revealed that the elaborate claims were indeed just a marketing ploy by the company.

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