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Russian Man Wakes Up in Morgue After Too Much Drinking, Goes Back to Party revived drunk 620x330

Russian Man Wakes Up in Morgue After Too Much Drinking, Goes Back to Party

deadrussian  Russian Man Wakes Up in Morgue After Too Much Drinking, Goes Back to Party deadrussian A Russian man gave new meaning to the term “dead drunk” — getting so loaded that he was actually declared dead and brought to the morgue. [2] Incredible but true, a man in Russia’s Far East woke up in the morgue after having been declared dead, local media report. [1] Before the incident, he had been doing vodka rounds with friends – and after the “miraculous awakening,” he went back to the party.  The man who was mistakenly taken for dead passed out after drinking too much, local Khasanskiye Vesti newspaper reported Wednesday. However, it is not clear when exactly the incident took place. Khasanky Region is a coastal area in Russia’s Far East, which is home to some 35,000 people scattered over the territory of 4,100 square kilometers.  His friends called an ambulance and medical staff hastily declared the man dead before taking him to the morgue, according to the daily. However, the man eventually came back to his senses (somewhat) – only to find himself in a mortuary freezer. Detective Alexey Stoev told local newspaper Khasanskiye Vesti: “At some point the man woke up and did not understand where he was. It was very dark and cold. Plus his brain was fogged by the alcohol. In the darkness, he felt the cold extremities of someone and in fear rushed to the door. Then the man began banging on the door with all his might.”  [1][3]  He started screaming for help and pounding on the door. His calls drew the attention of the morgue’s guard, who reported the situation to the doctors. The latter thought that the guard was imagining things, according to the local report. Nonetheless, out of cautiousness the doctors called police.  Opening the door police were met by the ‘resurrected’ man who in panic ran out of the room, according to the department of criminal investigations. Incredibly, the man didn’t go home immediately, officials said. He instead went to his pal’s place, where the booze-fest had happened, knocked on the door and found his friends mourning his death, the paper reported. [2] The person who opened the door was so shocked that he fainted, Khasanskiye Vesti says. The commemoration ceremony was quickly revamped into a re-birthday party. [1]
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A number of other incidents of people waking up from “death” have emerged recently, including a case in Mumbai, India, where a man woke up moments before his post-mortem examination was due to begin. Hospital staff were shocked to see that the “dead” man was breathing as his stomach moved up and down. [3] Although he did die shortly after. Another case in Germany over the summer saw a doctor charged with neglect after a 92-year-old ‘corpse’ woke up in a morgue. Again, she died two days later. [4]
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