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Say Hello to Maggie De Block… The Belgian Health Minister

grossetorche  Say Hello to Maggie De Block… The Belgian Health Minister Sans titre 1 This is the Belgian Health Minister, Maggie De Block. She weighs 130kg.  Now, Belgium has seen a rise in obesity, and the Belgian government wishes to address this. Who wouldnt, right? And the thing is, people like to see their elected representatives actively follow the policies that they put together; A little while ago, Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull got quite a bit of shit thrown in his face when it was revealed that he uses encrypted messaging, which bypasses the data retention laws, which he had a big part in advertising and creating when he was Communications Minister in the Abbott Government. This sort of ‘hypocrisy’ basically reinforces the ‘politicians are lizard people’ mentality that a massive chunk of the world’s population has. As such, De Block has caught some flak regarding her position as Health Minister on account of her weight, regardless of her qualifications. How can an obese person have any real credibility when tackling the obesity problem?  Here’s the thing though – if she lost some of her weight during her term as Health Minister, rather than being replaced by someone who was significantly healthier, it would end up being really good for both the government and the people of Belgium. She would be leading by example, which would mean that she would become a role model for people trying to lose weight. Leading by example is one of the best things that a figurehead can do. If De Block were to lead by example here, it would certainly help combat the rising obesity in Belgium. Not only that, but it would carry the implication that the government’s legislation regarding health has been successful, as you’d have a real example, constantly in the public eye, being directly affected by whatever policies the Belgian government decides to put in place to combat obesity. She may yet prove to be the best option for the job, both from a political perspective and in terms of actual results.  Political strategy and theory of this level is, of course, far beyond the understanding of people such as the Disdain for Plebs admin. But what more can you expect from fuckwits, right? Obese health minister is a big mistake, and would only fuck over the government in terms of public opinion, but a 130kg health minister who loses a lot of that fat is probably one of the best things the government can do in terms of results and political strategy. [1]

[1] Contempt for Fuckwits, Facebook Page.


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Bill Wallace is a self-fashioned writter, a computer programmer and cybermarketer from Quebec City, Canada who decided to enter the political arena after his disillusionment with the socialist system under which he was living in the French Canadian province of Quebec.

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