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Man Arrested For Wiping His Ass With Summons

A New Jersey man has been indicted for wiping his ass with a police summons that he then threw at a cop, according to court records.  Joseph Greenwood, 45, is facing a felony rap for allegedly purposely subjecting a police officer to “contact with a bodily fluid” during a June incident in Readington, a township about 50 miles from New York City.  According to the indictment filed last week, Greenwood was issued a summons by Lieutenant John Insabella following his release from police custody (Greenwood had been cited for threatening an assault).  Upon receipt of the summons, Greenwood placed the document “between his butt cheeks” and began “wiping the paper in an upward and downward motion,” prosecutors allege. He then threw the summons “in the direction” of Insabella.  The indictment does not further detail Greenwood’s alleged wiping or the nature of the bodily fluid found on the summons, which apparently was seized as evidence.

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