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Now Guess What? Vegemite is Racist Because it’s Black

cassidy-boon-idiot  Now Guess What? Vegemite is Racist Because it’s Black cassidy boon idiot

Cassidy Boon

It’s well known that Americans find Vegemite difficult-to-digest, but this woman’s explanation of why is probably in bad taste. [3] It really is quite a push to accuse white Australians as racist due to their love of the dark spread Vegemite.  But this is the accusation that YouTube vlogger, Cassidy Boon, launched at Aussie Vegemite fans in an expletive-laden rant.  In the baffling video titled ‘Eating Vegemite is racist towards Aboriginals – because it is black,’ the 20-year-old presents her farcical theory and calls for the snack to be boycotted. [3] She informs you, the watcher: ‘If you eat Vegemite, you’re literally what’s wrong with the world.  ‘Ever since the 1950s – or whatever – Vegemite has been a way to symbolically make white Australians feel superior to Aboriginals by literally eating their f*****g skin in a jar.’ [1] “Do you not realize that every time you stick that black sticky stuff in your gob, that you’re literally putting Aboriginal culture in your mouth and swallowing it,” she asked. [4] “I don’t get how Australia can see itself as a tolerant society where everyone is welcome, and still eat Vegemite, literally a symbol of oppression and the lost generation (the kids they stole from Aboriginals and used as slaves in their homes up until the 1970’s), se added. Now she vows to launch a #banvegemite campaign to raise awareness about the oppressive spread, which was developed in 1922. “Together, we can get Vegemite banned and give Aboriginals the justice they deserve.”  The American adds that she spent seven years living in Australia during which she felt “ashamed of all of you”. [2] It is not clear if Boon really holds these wacky, hardline views and the self-proclaimed feminist has previously launched a campaign called #MaleLivesDontMatter. [2]

Vegemite Isn’t Racist! Response To Cassidy Boon’s video about Vegemite Is Racist!

Vegemite Isn’t Racist! Response To Cassidy Boon… par GrahamAndFriends

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