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Saudi Prince Accused of Sexual Abuse, Cocaine Fueled Hooker Parties, Gay Sex, Threats and Fart-in-Face Demand saud degenerate scumbag 620x330

Saudi Prince Accused of Sexual Abuse, Cocaine Fueled Hooker Parties, Gay Sex, Threats and Fart-in-Face Demand

A Glimpse into the Complete Corruption and Degeneracy of the Saud Royal Family

saudidiot  Saudi Prince Accused of Sexual Abuse, Cocaine Fueled Hooker Parties, Gay Sex, Threats and Fart-in-Face Demand saudidiotA Saudi Arabian prince is accused by three female staffers of acting like a bizarre party boy — engaging in a gay-sex act in front of them, threatening a woman’s life, demanding that an assistant fart in his face while others watched and declaring, “I am a prince and I do what I want,” according to a report.  Prince Majed bin Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, who is the son of the late King Abdullah, allegedly engaged in the lurid behavior at his $37 million mansion in Beverly Hills, according to a lawsuit filed by a trio of women who worked for him there, the Daily Mail reports.  ­[8] According to the suit, the activity was witnessed by the women at the mansion between Sept. 21 and Sept. 25, while they were there caring for the house during the prince’s visit to the United States.  Lawyers representing the employees filed court documents in a civil case against the prince. The documents include a laundry list of fucked up stories from the prince. The lawsuit accuses Al Saud, 29, of being drunk and on drugs — and of making crude sexual advances on men and women alike.  The prince – who has an estimated worth of £11 billion – is accused of getting on top of one woman and grinding on her in a “sexual and aggressive manner.” He also allegedly threatened the life of another woman after she refused to “party” with him, the report said.  [1]   In one instance, he allegedly tried to pee on the employees filing the suit, while yelling “I want to pee pee.”  The $37 million home, in one of the most exclusive enclaves in the world, has been rented for weeks at a time by foreign nationals over the past year, neighbor Tennyson Collins told the LA Times.  The biggest problems previously attributed to the renters were a few loud parties, Collins told the paper. [16] [18]

saudidumbass  Saudi Prince Accused of Sexual Abuse, Cocaine Fueled Hooker Parties, Gay Sex, Threats and Fart-in-Face Demand saudidumbass

On September 21, Al Saud threw a party at the property and arranged for ‘multiple escorts’ to attend.  During the course of the evening, he became ‘increasingly intoxicated’ and was seen engaging in ‘illicit drug abuse‘ by the three women.  According to the women, this was cocaine – a conclusion they arrived at after seeing white powder around the rims of his nostrils and his ‘abnormally dilated’ pupils.  [8]

On the second night, Sept. 22, he allegedly did it all over again, with another escort party, the report said.   At one point, he allegedly took a liking to one woman and made her stand next to him all night, before telling her, “Tomorrow, I will have a party with you and you will do everything I want or I will kill you.”  That evening, the prince allegedly threatened the three in the dining room, where he acted “in a sexual and aggressive manner” with one of them. When he was challenged on his behavior, he allegedly shouted out, “I am a prince and I do what I want. You are nobody.”  [1] [3]   “Plaintiffs, afraid for their lives, ran to the balcony to escape Al Saud,” court papers said. [12]  By now in tears, the trio pleaded with the aide, telling them they were terrified of Al Saud, having already seen him physically abuse his butlers by pulling their ears, punching them in the face and by throwing things. “While on the balcony, one of Al Saud’s assistants yelled at the plaintiffs to get back to work.” [10]  Again told to return to work, the second woman then approached Al Saud to pour him a drink – only to be subjected to a violent assault that left her badly bruised.  The women then attempted to leave the mansion but discovered they had been locked in by Al Saud’s aides and were told they were not allowed to leave. [10]

On September 23, the prince of Saudi Arabia — where gay acts are punishable by death —  forced two of the women to watch a man engage in a sex act with him, court papers said. Believe it or not, the royal pervert is also accused of making one of the women watch while he had a male aide fart in his face. As Barstool Sports noticed, we are justified to wonder “What type of sicko chooses to be the fartee instead of the farter?” It’s easy to  see how forcing somebody to get farted on is a big time power move but forcing somebody to fart on you? Real pervert type shit. Stuff you don’t even hear about in fetish stores. ” [7]  Later that day, police were called to the home, and officers interviewed the three women, Frish said. “While waiting outside, plaintiffs saw (the prince’s girlfriend) and another female with bruises and blood on their face and body. They were shaking and crying,” court papers said. “Plaintiffs are in fear for their lives and believe that Al Saud will have them killed.” [12] The women, all of whom are married with children, claim that they have not been paid by the prince, and they are attempting to receive their wages. [6] What’s the point of being a Saudi Prince if you can’t do whatever the hell you want.  Getting farted on, farting on people, threatening to murder chicks, murdering chicks etc. It’s all in play. That’s the whole point of being a Prince right? [7]

Al-Saud was taken into custody and booked after 4 p.m., according to reports. Al-Saud could not be reached for comment by the Los Angeles Times, but he has been released on $300,000 bail. Los Angeles police Capt. Tina Nieto told the newspaper that authorities determined the prince does not have diplomatic immunity in the case — a protection other foreign nationals have recently tried to claim. [13] [14]

The Prince Finally Escapes Charges

The LA District Attorney’s Office on Monday announced it was dropping felony charges of sexual assault against the prince. The Saudi prince is no longer facing felony assault charges but could still face a misdemeanor as the Los Angeles city attorney’s office reviews a woman’s complaint that the royal tried to force her to perform a sex act on him, authorities said. The city attorney’s review comes after the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office referred the case to municipal authorities, officials said. County prosecutors found insufficient evidence to file felony charges, said spokeswoman Jane Robison.  The case is being evaluated for a possible misdemeanor filing, said Frank Mateljan, spokesman for the city attorney’s office.  Stephen Larson, an attorney for the prince, called the suit baseless.  “These allegations, brought for no other purpose than to extract money, are as baseless as they are salacious,” Larson said. “The district attorney carefully considered these claims and declined to bring any charges; we anticipate that the civil lawsuit will end similarly, with a finding that all of these claims are legally and factually meritless.” [12] “The decision by the D.A.’s office not to file charges shows that the accuser’s stories cannot be substantiated,” Alan Jackson, the prince’s lawyer, said in a statement, according to the Daily Mail.  ‘The sheikh is very happy to put it behind him and move on with his life.’  [10] Vadim Frish, an attorney for the women, commented on the decision: “Eventually, the whole truth will surface, and Mr. Al Saud will have to bear the consequences of his despicable actions.” [6]

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